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Politics for the over-fifties - calling all silverbacks to action

So, what has become of all that grey power in Australia? The 'aging population' promoted as such a threat by various grey-haired politicians, seems to be awfully quiet. Why aren't they raging in the streets over here? Opinions and theories welcome. Has abolishment of promotion by seniority disorganised society and impoverished the grey heads that used to be the wisdom-bearers of old? We need to solve the mystery and galvanise and organise the greys.

A Livable Pension for Fair-Dinkum Australians and the Club of 3000

We've been publicising political alternatives in Australia, notably parties which promise to fight population growth. Another party that wants a sustainable population is The Australia First Party (not to be confused with the New Australia Party). It also wants to abolish multiculturalism. Australia First cops a lot of flack, but it also attracts the low-income people in our society who carry the biggest loads in terms of the costs of population growth. Here is an article from a member of Australia First about fronting up to the dole office. Anyone who has had to do this in the past few years will understand the sentiments. See also other political alternatives for a small population.

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