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Americans torturing monkeys all in a day's work at Covance Pty Ltd

Firstly, don't turn away, because you can do something by looking at this.
1. You can learn 2. You can pass this on and help to stop this kind of thing.
From April 2004 to March 2005 a very brave PETA investigator worked undercover at a Covance primate lab in Virginia. She recorded gratuitous despicable acts by employees of Covance toward monkeys which were kept, anyway, under appalling physical restriction and in situations of apparently permanent sensory deprivation and chronic pain, interrupted by acute suffering, aggravated verbal and physical abuse, and sad, isolated, painful deaths. To see this film makes you think that Covance must have designed its experimental environment to maximise the suffering of the animals that contributed to its revenues which, in 2003 were $940 million and its global operations in 18 countries with more than 6,500 employees worldwide, including in Australia.

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