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ETU raises white flag in fight against Queensland fire sale - Why?

On Saturday 10 April, at a Brisbane anti-privatisation forum held by Search Foundation, the Secretary of the Queensland branch of the Electrical Trades Union (ETU), an avowedly hard-line anti-privatisation union, revealed his view that the fight against the Bligh Government's fire sale was lost.

What you can do: If you are a member of a union affected by privatisation, particularly a member of the ETU, contact your union and demand that meetings be called so that this question be decided democratically by the membership. See also: "If the unions get off their knees, privatisation can be stopped!" of 4 May 10, Queensland Not For Sale - the Qld Council of Union's anti-privatisation web site, "Time for the B team" of 11 Apr 10 on and "Explaining Bligh’s privatisation push: Search Foundation forum" also of 11 Apr 10 on


Updates, 2 May 10: Branch secretary claims ETU misrepresented by article and my response and a further response by Tony Reeves; Motion carried unanimously by meeting of AMWU members in Redbank Railway workshops in June 2009 calling for industrial action to defeat privatisation.

Cyber-bullying, censorship, 9/11 Truth and Larvatus Prodeo

In the last three months of 2009 a discussion on Larvatus Prodeo, about the controversy surrounding 9/11, turned into the online equivalent of a lynching. On 28 December at the point at which the intended victim (myself) was able to turn the tables on his tormentors, the moderators abruptly closed the disccussion. I have been barred from contributing to that site ever since, as if I had been blamed for the abuses of others.

Originally published on 29 Dec 09. Updated 2 Mar 10 to include as appendices, excerpts from the forum discusion and correspondence between myself and the LP moderators. Original forum here (html file, 5.6Mb).
Update (3 Mar): Larvatus Prodeo moderator tells me she is "comfortable with how [she's] represented," but I am still waiting to be advised if I have been intentionally banned and why. See Appendix 3.

Update, 18 April 2010: A comment of mine has finally appeared again on Larvatus Prodeo. See inside, at the start of article, for further information.

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