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Gunns 20

Gay abandon of triple bottom line principles in Tasmania beckoned his departure

Tasmania's chief corporate bully, Gunns Limited, has this week witnessed the departure of its chairman, John Gay, 27th May 2010 who long abandoned triple bottom line principles. Hopefully we can move forward from a culture of the ends justifying the means. John Gay's departure was of his own making.

Gunns' exploitative arrogance maintains it will sue anyone to protect its ‘commercial interests’

Last month, on 29th January 2010, Tasmania's infamous corporate logger, Gunns Ltd, dropped its multi-million dollar defamation suit against the remaining 13 environmental activitists protesting against its immoral pulp mill logging threat to Tasmania's old growth native forests.

But Gunn's Neanderthal arrogance persists. According to Gunns 13 spokesperson Warrick Jordan, "the world needs to know..that Gunns continues to sue Tasmanians who oppose their environmental vandalism.” [Tasmanian Times].

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