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public accountability

News conference of Vladimir Putin

This has been republished from Voltaire Net.See also: Putin's 2014 Q&A marathon LIVE UPDATES (18/12/14), 'Can't stuff this bear' and other Putin Q&A quotes (18/12/14)

On Thursday 18 December 2014, Russian President Vladimir Putin gave a Press conference. It included his address which lasted from 9:12AM until 12:38PM GMT. President Vladimir Putin has been condemned by Australian Prime Minister Tony Abott and the Australian newsmedia for alleged Russian aggression against Ukraine and complicity with the alleged shooting down of the Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17. In spite of this not one of the Australian journalists, nor any other Western journalist present put these allegations to President Putin. Roman Tsymbalyuk of the Ukrainian News Agency UNIAN did put those allegations. Both his question and Vladimir Putin's response are included.

Senate has legal right to uncover the truth about the East West Link

Article has been adapted from a comment entitled "East West link business plan must be known by Senate" originally posted by PostGrowthEra on 5 September - Ed

Legal advice provided by deputy Senate clerk Richard Pye confirms the Senate has ''undoubted power'' to force Infrastructure Australia to hand over the documents, which the state government insisted must remain secret to protect delicate commercial negotiations.

The state government provided a cost-benefit analysis to Infrastructure Australia for the East West link, but it won't be available for public viewing because it's "commercially sensitive"

Why privatisation is wrong

In 2006 Justice Michael Kirby argued compellingly the case against privatisation which is now being forced upon the NSW electorate by the Iemma government with the aid of, amongst others, former Prime Minister Paul Keating, former NSW Labor Premier Bob Carr, former Victorian Liberal Premier Jeff Kennett and the Murdoch newsmedia.

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