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immigration to Australia

Victorian Greens vague in countering Brumby's VC71 'Big Victoria Manifesto'

Victoria - the place to be? - for bloody whom?

With the VC71 land use planning amendment, clearly the Victorian Brumby Government is hell bent on accommodating immigration hoards regardless of triple-bottom line impacts - economical viability, social equity, ecological integrity.

Yet the Victorian Greens, while tokenly supportive of triple bottom line principles and the desire for limits on urban growth; true to form, remain idealistic and motherhood, with no shovel-ready strategy nor costed programmes.

Immigration to Australia - more the better... according to Growth Lobby submission on Wikipedia

The Growth Lobby seemed to have gone to some trouble to justify encouraging more immigration to Australia by making a detailed case on Wikipedia under the search heading: "Immigration_to_Australia"

Typically the arguments are the same old tired justifications that rely on historic success and links to economic growth, but they are shallow, unsupported and rely on claims by the biased Productivity Commission.

See also: "How the Growth Lobby threatens Australia's future" of 24 Jan 09.

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