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R.I.P. Elms - The second jumps racing death this week and the fourth this season.

2014 is the year of the horse, but our State continues to allow athletic and highly trained horses to be maimed, injured and killed for jumps racing profits.
7 year old gelding Elms has been KILLED after breaking down in the second hurdle at Casterton on Sunday 25th May.
After jumping the first hurdle, Elms broke down on the flat and was grabbed by barrier attendants. Veterinary surgeons later reported that Elms had severely fractured his right fore cannon while racing on the flat.

The "Death Knell" of Jumps Racing is welcomed by animal activists

Jumps racing in Victoria will cease at the end of 2010 but key stakeholders say they will fight the decision announced by Racing Victoria Ltd.  The fact that some will be condemned to the knackers if the "sport" is banned shows just how little the lives of the horses are valued, nothing but meat, outside the industry. It is a reflection of the exploitation of these fine and hard-working animals, and how little the owners,
trainers and jockeys bond with them.

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