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plant-based diet

Cow Poems

Here are a few poems I have written about cows. When are we going to learn to live on a plant based diet, not only for the animals’ sake but also for the sake of the planet and our own health? See Dr Michael Greger

Let None Escape
I saw her running down the hill that day
Lightning Bessie was her name
From back of Roma she and her friends came
A life of wild freedom gone forever

Health risks of dairy products

Dairy has been reported to increase the risk of developing prostate cancer in numerous studies. Billions of people throughout the world do not consume excess dairy after weaning and have strong bones, ...

Article was originally a comment by Matilda B.

Livestock Industry's Real Cost to Environment

In 2007 when the U.N. Food & Agriculture Organisation released its 400+ page report titled 'Livestock's Long Shadow' there was one little problem. It estimated the livestock industry's contribution of greenhouse gases at 18% while failing to consider at least 10 other ways in which this environmentally destructive industry contributes GHG. World Watch Institute reports a study showing that this industry actually contributes a whopping 51% GHG, meaning that shutting down fossil fuel industry is not going to be enough, given that livestock numbers are predicted to double in the next few decades.

Greens Party - Protecting Native Fauna?

The latest Greens Policy booklet says 'The Greens will .... support green business initiatives that use native species'. Does this sound like it means only flora to you? Or could it include native fauna? Will the Greens, at some point in the future, openly support the Kangaroo and Possum killing industries in spite of the fact that their policy is that 'native fauna and their habitat must be protected'?
It's time for some serious soul searching within the Greens.

Saving our Earth or Defending our Right to Eat Animal Products?

We live in pivotal times and it is getting harder to deny that this planet is in dire crisis. The UN produced a report titled 'Livestock's Long Shadow' about the devastating impact of the livestock industry on the environment. Why is the information contained in this report being tiptoed around for fear of upsetting people? Sir Paul McCartney and Yoko Ono are calling for 'Meat-Free Monday'. The first town in the world has gone meat-free one day a week. Yet an environmental activist is heavily censored for trying to get the word out on World Environment day....

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