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Government Ministers to be forced to justify adding toxins to Queensland's drinking water

Ministers forced to be accountable

Three Queensland government Ministers – the Premier, Anna Bligh and the Ministers for Health and Water are being forced to change or justify their decision to add toxins - including from sewerage and fluoride to Queenslanders’ drinking water.

Two safe water advocacy groups, the Peoples Class Action group and Queenslanders for Safe Water, on Friday 2 January 2008 served legal notice on Ministers Craig Wallace and Stephen Robertson in the form of more than 600 individual letters from people demanding their rights under the Judicial Review Act.

The letters request the Ministers to properly investigate the scientific evidence, including more than 200 pages of references to scientific and other evidence attached to the letters, and then make a decision to recommend to the cabinet the repeal of the legislation enabling the addition of fluoride or sewerage water toxins to the public water supply.

Should this request not be complied with, the letters then invoke the provisions of the Judicial Review Act 1991 to require Written Statements of Reasons for the failure to do as requested.   Each letter must be fully and personally answered within 28 days.

This tactic by law requires answers.   Unlike petitions, which politicians notoriously ignore, the Law mandates that the Ministers must provide answers, and if the answers are not forthcoming, the two groups promise to drag the Ministers into the Supreme Court and force them to justify their refusal to recommend to cabinet and the Parliament, the repeal of the fluoride and recycled water legislation.

Spokesperson Bruce Bell said: "There is no way any sane person who examined the mountain of scientific evidence could ever support these toxins going into our water.    The Supreme Court would be forced to declare the Ministers' decisions invalid in Law.   And that would be a first for the people and real democracy in action."

For further information, contact: Bruce Bell, phone 0412 463 777.


Bruce Bell is quoted as saying "There is no way any sane person who examined the mountain of scientific evidence could ever support these toxins going into our water. "

Well Merilyn and Bruce, I had nearly six years of childhood in Brisbane in the 1950s and had tooth fillings at a very young age. I lived in Canberra for 37 years from 1963 to 2000 and drank fluoridated water for the whole of this time. Melbourne and Sydney have fluoride also.

Merilyn attributes her health problems in Townsville to fluoride in the water there. (Actually, it was Merilyn's sister. - JS) Not a very scientific conclusion - association is not causation.

If her supposition held water (!) then one might expect there to be many, many similar cases over the many decades of fluoridation of our great cities (Sydney and Melbourne between them have about 8 million people.)

What evidence is there for this?

Until you can adduce some hard evidence for this, I will continue to regard the anti-fluoridation lobby as NUT CASES. So typical of the usually ignorant populism that has so benighted the state of Queensland in the past. Pitiable and contemptible. GET A LIFE.

I apologise to those who might feel offended because I approved the above post with the included put down "GET A LIFE".

In future, I will consider not approving such posts, or at least removing from them such abuse.

If David had given this matter any thought, he would be expressing gratitude to others such as Merilyn, who selflessly put there own time and money towards rectifying the appalling actions that those in office, supposedly there to represent our best interests, inflict on the public almost every day of the year.

He should ponder what sort of world we would live in if people like Merilyn, instead, chose to spend more of their time going to the beach, drinking at the pub, watching television, going bushwalking, playing golf, etc., etc as I am sure she would love to be able to do.

It's interesting that the above post uses precisely the kind of anti-scientific approach that it claims that Merilyn is guilty of using. He implicitly claims his own experience of having drunk fluoridated water confirms its claimed benefits and refutes any claims of harm.

However, the far stronger evidence of serious harm caused to the health of Merilyn's sister is dismissed out of hand.

Indeed, if we consistently applied the method employed in the post, aren't we also entitled to conclude that fluoridation makes a person more intolerant?

Also, if is so sure of the benefits of fluoride, when can't he simply take fluoride tablets himself and not force others to take that medication?

I suggest David just take the time to understand the case against fluoridation at, or, if he is unable to do this, at least support the democratic right of Queenslanders to vote in this issue as they were able to recently at the time of the US Presidential elections. During those elections 47 districts in the US voted to end fluoridation whilst only 13 voted for fluoridation.

David Truman:

Canberra's water was not fluoridated until 1964 so how can you make the assumption that it was because of no fluoride in Brisbane's water that you had bad teeth.

No-one in Qld should be given any form of fluoride because of our climate.
Townsville's Douglas Water Treatment Plant emits 20 tonnes of fluoride per year into the atmosphere. No health bodies in Australia are testing the blood levels of fluoride. No one is calculating the other intakes of fluoride from food and air pollution It is now classed as a deficiency disease with a daily dose that can be only calculated by measuring the amount of dilutent used-in Australia this happens to be municipal treated potable water. Who knows how much water is drunk by each individual?

You don't know if you have skeletal fluorosis from living in Canberra for 37 years.

Fluoride researcher wrote,"Who knows how much water is drunk by each individual?"
Good point.
I am a psychiatric nurse and, just today, I learned that one of my patients drinks up to 20 litres of water a day. This is enough to risk water intoxication, but that water is also fluoridated...

The amount that individuals - human and other species drink - varies enormously, as does the rate that they excrete.

To me it is quite clear that there must be another agenda, since fluoride is already so available.
I think that Mr Truman is a reactionary; someone who feels they have to defend the government because they have a need to trust it as an authority. This is a child-like attitude towards figures who like to parade themselves like parents. It takes real free adults to question anointed authority.

Dear David
Are you saying that you lived in Canberra for 37 years and that proved fluoridation is safe? If you smoked cigarettes for 37 yrs and didn't have lung cancer would you say smoking was safe?
Fluoridation is not safe, there are thousands of scientific references linking fluoride to adverse health effects, yet fluoridation promoters say it is safe only because it has been in use for 50 years. Just look at the time it took for health authorities to admit that smoking, asbestos, lead in petrol, thalidomide etc, etc, causes harm. After 150 years of Dentists using Mercury fillings it is finally starting to be publicly acknowledged that this is a potentially harmful practice ( Sweden and Norway banned a year ago )
You would think that in the last 50 yrs the NHMRC , the AMA or the ADA may have done just one Health and Safety study to look at the effects of fluoridation on health and yet they haven't. And, why would the Qld govt claim safety on one hand and remove all liability on the other if they really believed it was safe ?

Water fluoridation is very strongly linked to Dental Fluorosis,Thyroid dysfuntion, allergies, Osteosarcoma, and increased risk of hip fractures. Yet the Qld govt denies everything, even claiming no such thing as allergies despite double blind trials proving the case.

Also David, you will be very disappointed if you look up the latest Australia Adult and Childrens Dental Surveys ( google ARCPOH to find where they are published ) You will find that the majority of adults in other states who have been drinking fluoridated water for 40 years have the same tooth decay ( or more ) than Queensland adults. You will aslo find that after drinking fluoridated water for 12 years children in other states can have more tooth decay than Qld kids . The ADA only refers to baby teeth where there is a small difference ( possibly because of tooth eruption delay from ingested fluoride ) because water fluoridation can be seen not to work when you look at permanent teeth at age 12 yrs ( the WHO International standard for comparing totoh decay. Futhermore the last 3 Qld Children's Dental Surveys show Townsville kids by age 12 have more decay than several unfluoridated Qld Health districts.
Apart from the fact that fluoridation doesn't work and causes harm it is a matter of ethics. The Qld Govt Positiion Statement of 2003 clearly states that without the express consent of the community , fluoridation is unethical mass medication. ( and without determination of individual need , pre-existing medical conditions or even follow-up monitoring. There is no control over dose, it depende how much you drink and how much you excrete. If you believe in fluoride, it is everywhere already , in toothpaste. fluoridated mouth washes, fluoride tablets and soon to be in bottled water if Coca Cola gets their way.

I don't want a S6 Poison, that does not exist in nature, but is created in the wet scrubbers of Super Phosphate fertilizer plants ( and inported from Belgium which does not allow water fluoridation or sale of fluoride tablets or even fluoride chewing gum ) put into my water, my family and friends drinking water. If you want to drink fluoridated water , you are welcome to buy tablets and dissolve them in water . Medication should be a matter of choice. No politician should be able to force it on people. We should have a choice by Referendum at the very least, but Anna Bligh would't be game as she knows how many peolpe don't want fluoridation forced on them when push comes to shove.

Merilyn Haines spokesperson for Queenslanders For Safe Water, Air and Food Inc info@

To quote "If her supposition held water (!) then one might expect there to be many, many similar cases over the many decades of fluoridation of our great cities (Sydney and Melbourne between them have about 8 million people.)"

Well sir, many of us do have bad health issues, but our medical system treats symptoms, not causes. So whilst most of us do suffer health issues, there is no way that the "medical profession" would ever contribute it to something that the "government" had ordained. I use those terms lightly, as the government is simply made up of puppets who bow to a minority of people that control them. The medical profession is simply a business designed to "push" drugs on the general public. Do not get me wrong, I have great respect for surgeons and some of the medications out there, but the bulk of it is to alleviate symptoms caused by the vast amount of toxic chemicals in our foods and waters of today.

I come from a non fluoridated community, and have now lived in Townsville for 6 years, of which has produced painful bones, impotence, migraines, and lethargy. as I received no relief from the medical profession, I gave up, and started my own research. After much trial and error, I found that after only drinking bottled or properly filtered water, did my problems start to come right. One must be careful, for as soon as the "government" allows, fluoride will be added to many bottled waters, if not already.

In a nutshell, fluoride is one of the most toxic elements available, more toxic than lead, yet they put it in our water. 67 times the safe amount of lead is added in fluoride to our water. Then they wonder where all the disorders come from. Eg. ADD, ADHD, cancers, arthritis, aspergers, and a multitude of others that can be scientifically linked.

got a life..

Mr get a life, I have a life, I don't want it poisoned. I want the choice of having clean unadulterated water.

Mr get a life, do you have a wife who is aging ... then perhaps fluoride will make her bones brittle?

Mr get a life, I suggest, for your own health, if you want to stay out of strife, that you research all the information and then get a life, at least a better one ... regards.

We are Generation Identitaire.
We are the generation who get killed for glancing at the wrong person,
for refusing someone a cigarette, or having an "attitude" that annoys someone.
We are the generation of ethnic fracture,
total failure of coexistence, and forced mixing of the races.
We are the generation doubly punished:
Condemned to pay into a social system
so generous with strangers it becomes unsustainable for our own people.
Our generation are the victims of the May '68'ers who wanted to liberate themselves
from tradition, from knowledge and authority in education.
But they only accomplished to liberate themselves from their responsibilities.
We reject your history books to re-gather our memories.
We no longer believe that "Khader" could ever be our brother,
we have stopped believing in a "Global Village" and the "Family of Man".
We discovered that we have roots, ancestry and therefore a future.
Our heritage is our land, our blood, our identity.
We are the heirs to our own future
We turned off the TV to march the streets.
We painted our slogans on the walls.
Cried through loudspeakers for "youth in power" and flew our Lambda flags high.
The Lambda, painted on proud Spartans' shields, is our symbol.
Don't you understand what this means ?
We will not back down, we will not give in.
We are sick and tired of your cowardice.
You are from the years of post-war prosperity, retirement benefits, S.O.S Racism and
“diversity", sexual liberation and a bag of rice from Bernard Kouchner.
We are 25 percent unemployment, social debt, multicultural collapse
and an explosion of anti-white racism.
We are broken families, and young French soldiers dying in Afghanistan.
You won't buy us with a condescending look,
a state-paid job of misery and a pat on the shoulder.
We don't need your youth-policies. Youth IS our policy.
Don't think this is simply a manifesto. It is a declaration of war.
You are of yesterday, we are of tomorrow.
We are Generation Identitaire.

This Generation Identitaire movement seems to find its feet as a reaction to Muslim reaction to the film, The Innocence of Muslims. (See post - in French language - for 2nd October here Generation Identitaire).

France does not have a policy of multiculturalism like the Anglophone countries, which really do deprive people of democracy by forcing high immigration and multiculturalism. The French civil code is anti-communautarianist.

The Generation Identitaire activism shows signs of roots in militant Catholicism which is something that the French Revolution managed to minimise. In France the Civil Code specifically provides for freedom to criticise religion. Hopefully the Civil Code will also manage to minimise militant Islamism.

The Muslim population in France is not really historically 'foreign'. It arises largely from the fact that Algeria was French and therefore after Independence a lot of Muslims were French by birth and consequently had the absolute right (like other French) to move to the French mainland. It is however quite true that streams of the resultant Muslim populations have become ethnic ghettos.

Calls to 'war' are polarising and likely to serve the principle of divide and conquer, with elite winners, so fail in their stated objectives.

There is a fairly strong 'conservative' mostly Anglophone movement internationally that seeks to make common cause with a small right-wing movement in France and other ones in Continental Europe. This movement contains strong conservative Christian elements (not always Catholic) and is not generally an ecological movement, although you do get ecologists who identify ecology as an Anglophone movement. (I would explain the importance of environmentalism in Anglophone countries as an Anglophone reaction to the Anglophone political-economic tendency to privilege corporatism which results in in-your-face environmental damage where citizens have little recourse because we have such lousy political systems. Continental Europe simply does not have the overpopulation problems of the Anglophone countries. The Continental European countries are on a trajectory to decline after the babyboomers, whereas the Anglophone ones are going to keep on growing.)

At any rate this somewhat loose international Christian-identifying movement focuses on widespread legitimate resentment and fear at loss of national identity and ability of any citizen to organise and thrive through the rise of Islamic populations in Europe consequent on the dismantling of European colonies (but now irritated again by corporate colonialism in the Middle East).

It then links that rise in non-European populations to extreme left-wing globalism, which has also contaminated a lot of ecological activism and weakened it. ( often complains about Australian Greens failure to deal with overly high immigration and the detrimental effect on the environment and democracy of overpopulation). This globalism has also helped the corporate colonials and Islam tends to be against it.

Whereas the Left does have a lot to answer for in allowing the rise of high immigration in Anglophone countries, the history of the rise of Muslim populations was (as mentioned above) different in Continental Europe. So the common cause here is historically fuzzy because the systems are different.

In France the Catholics tend to be anti-Leftist, anti-immigrationist and anti-State and the Protestants to be leftist (but immigrationist). The State is anti-immigration. In Australia the State is for high immigration and the Catholics are also for high immigration and tend to back up the State. I believe this tends to be the case in the United States as well with Catholics and the State (even though the bulk of North Americans are not Catholic.) You then get a reaction amongst Christian US citizens who identify with Christianity but not with State policy and who seek to find common cause with other Christians independently of the official churches. Often they are not against population growth, but want to grow the population of Christians and object to competing religions.

Whilst it sad that movements to secure democracy by securing national identity are subject to polarisation into "Left/Right", it seems that it is much easier to organise narrowly nationalistic responses, especially by stimulating religious reactionism, than to organise ecological nationalist responses because the first has generational and clan bases whereas the second is bootstrapped on relatively abstract values (although could be localised much better). My conclusion is that the media and the power elites prefer to see nations divided and they like to keep ecologists divided too, as a subset, by massaging their passive identification with globalism and downplaying that of the Catholics, for instance.

A danger seems to be looming where the mass media is fanning violent confrontation between populations on religious and ethnic grounds. In the end, it will be an excuse for the states to put down popular revolts using the police and armies. We would be better off militating for Civil Rights in the Anglophone countries based on the European civil code model.

All sides should be able to see that high immigration puts pressure on all systems affecting democracy and safety, but the force of immigration ideology is so strong and backed by growth lobbyists who benefit financially that reason does not prevail. I agree that multiculturalism has been abused to put down legitimate peaceful opinion against high immigration.

(People may find this site's comment responses to the GI post interesting: Gates of Vienna blogspot)

A PEOPLES' CLASS ACTION TO STOP FLUORIDATION OF QUEENSLAND'S WATER SUPPLY has been initiated by Mr Brian McDermott, who has engaged the services of legal counsel Bruce Bell.

So is this the same Bruce Bell?

Industrial Chemical WASTE dumping in clean water supplies, in the guise of public health ?

It is a grievous harm done to humans, to mass medicate and mislead by chemical company sponsored propaganda. The thyroid and the pineal glands are sensitive & VERY important to human function on many levels. I am somewhat alarmed to have just discovered this vital function is becoming shut down through toxic fluoridation.. in a sense, this creeping stealthy menace has been implemented where ever there is ignorance & complacency.

It is well known that the calcification of the pineal gland by water fluordation, reduces the human's ability to be sensitive to spiritual vibrations. THERE is a very real reason why it is called the third eye.

Fluoride was added to WW2 POW drinking water to stupify them and make them apathetic.

It appears that the New World Order is implementing its strategy for dominance and control, by dumbing down the populace. This is a heinous crime crime against all living things.

Are you complacent and ignorant? Do your research, or be surreptitiously poisoned.

See also: Former Whitlam Government Health Minister says No to Water Fluoridation of 24 Feb 2008.