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God! More babies - Pell

The man I’ve heard jokingly called ‘Pel Pot’ has come out saying that ruthless commercial forces are against procreation.

“Cardinal George Pell, speaking after the Pope's arrival in Sydney for World Youth Day (WYD), said Western nations were producing too few children as the institutions of marriage and procreation came under attack.” July 14, 2008, AAP (Murdoch press)

Since my own research has revealed to me that ruthless commercial forces are pouring billions of dollars into boosting Australia’s population, via births and immigration, I was amazed to read this.

Further reading of the article made me think that Cardinal Pell is actually worried about the marriage rate and thinks a decline in this will bring down the birth rate. I don’t know what he uses as a norm for the birth rate; Australia’s is pretty high for a first world country.

I would like to know if Cardinal Pell actually has any evidence for his fears that ruthless commercial forces are out to slow down the birthrate. Because, if such ruthless commercial forces exist, I would like to know what on earth they see in promoting small populations when every major commercial force I know of will do anything to push up the number of consumers of land, resources, mortgages and disposable products, no matter what miseries result.

If I knew what was in it for big business to depress the birth rate and the rate of immigration, you can bet I would be grateful for the information.

In the mean time, I can only assume that the press are publishing Pell’s unmitigated nonsense because they are among the forces which want to keep on driving population growth upwards. And Pell’s strange pronouncements will help to keep the public confused about what is really happening and who the real community enemies are.

I cannot help wondering if Cardinal Pell is performing for friends in the big end of town as a way of cooperating in order to reduce coverage of his own embarrassing attitude to the prosecution of pedophiles within the church.

The Catholic Church has for a long time been in the business of land-speculation and encouraging high immigration and birth rates. It must have made plenty of powerful friends through these habits.

If Pell is truly worried about fewer marriages and consequent reduction in very large families, he should consider the stress placed on family life by the corporate forces which profit from international property speculation and ensure that families are mortgaged to the hilt. (Banks, developers etc.) Who, with a working brain, would consider marriage and a family in such a situation?

If Pell is actually worried about drug taking and promiscuity, then perhaps he might consider that those habits accompany social precarity and that social precarity is an outcome of the policies which drive continuous diasporas within this country. In fact, the corporations which push up population growth very successfully in this country also manufacture the the commercialised culture that vehicles binge-drinking, recreational drug-taking, and predatory sex.

I can barely resist telling Dr Pell that if he is so concerned he should not be encouraging celibacy among priests. I can only be thankful that he does.

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To the attention
of Mr. Rajendra Pachauri (IPCC)
and of the international Media:


For having acquired the global attention telling that a meatless day keeps global warming at bay:

while his Country has the tremendous demographic density of 336 inhabitants per km², about 1,103,371,000 human beings on an area of 3,287,263 km²:

It is about a sixth of the whole population of the Earth on an area of hardly 45 times little the whole land available on the planet, with an economy in (socially absolutely just and necessary) rapid growth.

For having told to the global, mostly unaware, audience that eating less meat is a good practice but forgetting to say that to stop producing children is the priority for all the people of the world.

We have in fact essentially only ONE PROBLEM on the Earth and this problem, that generates a lot of enormous negative EFFECTS: pollution, scarsity and higher and higher prices of the resources, misery, social degradation, conflicts and wars, is the OVERPOPULATION.

By eating less meat we can lightly slow down some problems but we cannot resolve neither prevent the increase of any one of them. As an example, by eating less meat we certainly cannot resolve this other problem evidenced by Mr. Pachauri:

Pachauri Says India May Allow Private Companies in Atomic Power

Less meat but with the taste of the atomic power: what a wonderful world, Mr. Pachauri, you are dreaming about!

If tens of years ago a limitation of births was sufficient to not have any problem, for responsibility of a general cospiracy of silence the global demographic situation is gotten worse and worse. The world population has nearly tripled, causing also an insane overgrowth of the economies of the developed Countries through the exponential increase of the working forces and the expansion of the markets.

Today we humans have therefore a precise priority: exclusively through information and education media and events, not obligating or prohibiting but simply by informing and educating, simply through arts, with books, movies, poetries, pictures, songs, we must STOP BIRTHS NOW! Only in this way we will succeed to stop hunger, diseases, poverty, degradation, pollution and wars.

For all that, the Italian Eudaemony social researches Laboratory attributes the prize for the most exhilarating foolishness of the year to Mr. Rajendra Pachauri. The prize consists in a debt that the same Mr. Rajendra Pachauri has contracted towards the whole world. This debt precisely is:

Say the truth, Mr. Pachauri, tell ALL THE TRUTH!

Warmest regards,

Danilo D'Antonio

Laboratorio Eudemonia
Piazza del Municipio
64010 Rocca S. M.
TE - Italy

Note on the Lab

The Eudaemony Laboratory is NOT renowned for having developed some of the most significative products and proposals of social innovation of our time:

If the Eudaemony Laboratory would have told foolishnesses like this of Mr. Pachauri it would be renowned all around the world! Please, apologies our correctness and wisdom.