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Huge anti- live animal export rally in Melbourne June 9, 2018

Towards 2000 people rallied on the morning of June 9, 2018 at 11.00 a.m to protest against live animal exports. The rally, organised by The Animal Justice Party and Animals Australia, attracted a very united crowd of men women and children horrified by the inevitable and intense pain and suffering inflicted on the hapless cargo of these ships no matter where they are headed.

My feeling was that this industry represents a standard of treatment of other creatures that is so low that even though they are not physically hurt by it themselves , people will just not put up with it.

If it were not for the "whistle blowers" recording the awful suffering of sheep and cattle on the ships and at their destination we would be unaware. They have brought it into our living rooms where it cannot be ignored or denied.

Another person who attended this protest summed it up as "Live Export is like mass immigration - it is another thing that Australians do not want, but which is foisted upon us by our governments."

Another sign that we are not really a democracy.


Yes, this is like our mass immigration policy! The public have no choice, no input and no way to address these political decisions. They are all for the benefit of filthy lucre, the big Dollar and big business. What's "good for the economy" needs to be agreed upon as being beneficial for humans, animals and how we live in the future. How many more demonstrations, petitions, rallies, and exposes are needed for politicians to get off their seats of power and act humanely? Where's there moral compass, their empathy and common sense? We should not have to go to all these extremes for what's common decency and obvious.