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Lorreta Lynch, Jim Comey and Clintons: What's going on? - Article by Virginia Abernethy

Whatever the Left and Right spins, I have my own view on Pres. Trump's firing FBI Director Jim Comey.

Comey first landed in the soup when his investigative responsibilities expanded into a prosecutorial role. This transition commenced when he spoke publicly about Hillary Clinton's emails on her private [non-secure] server in a July, 2016 press conference. The context is key.

Former Attorney General Loretta Lynch had been caught in her 40-minute meeting with Bill Clinton on Clinton's plane sitting on an airfield tarmac. Lynch claimed that she and Clinton had discussed no more than their children and grandchildren. At the same time, Lynch said she was recusing herself from investigation and prosecution of Hillary Clinton's use of a private email server for classified government material, and she put Comey in charge. Lynch, in other words, ceded her responsibility to indict Clinton, if warranted, to Jim Comey.

Comey's subsequent July press conference where he gave an exhaustive account of Hillary's negligent irresponsibility with classified material, and his decision not to indict nevertheless, is arguably a discharge of the responsibilities delegated to him by then-AG Loretta Lynch.

The decision to go public was, of course, Comey's own. Arguably, it was made in the interest of the public's right to be informed as much as possible about a presidential candidate.

On October 24, Comey again went public to announce re-opening the investigation of Hillary Clinton of emails. Re-opening the investigation followed new evidence of the classified material appearing on convicted pedophile Anthony Wiener's email. Reportedly, the re-opening of the question of indictment was forced by NY-based FBI agents who had reviewed the Wiener emails.

Then days before the November election, Comey again went public on closing the investigation.

So, if one goes to the root of Comey's problems with exceeding his investigative role as Director of the FBI, could one justifiably say that Loretta Lynch "did it"?

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