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Good coverage of Pro- Brexit on these shows

People who have complained to me of poor coverage by the Australian media of the underlying reasons for Britain's exit from the EU will enjoy these shows. They report on various aspects, including the possibility of preventing the privatisation of British hospitals and mining, the ability to try to end Britain's live transport of domestic animals for thousands of kms, the ability to stop fracking, the desirability of a decrease in house prices, the reasons why people outside the big cities voted against the EU, and mass immigration in an economy where unemployment is already high and numbers are an issue.

English language programs

"It's panic stations amongst the ruling elites." On Sputnik's Referendum Special, George Galloway, interviews journalist Selina Scott, who sums up the EU as undemocratic, noting that the British have no ability to affect decisions on fracking, live transport or anything else of note. He also interviews a very traditional Alex Graham, former president of the RMT union, who believes that trade unions have lost confidence in their ability to defend members’ rights and an exit from the EU could bring back control. Either way, both our guests agree the Brexit vote was in part a rejection by the working class of the prevailing neoliberal orthodoxy and they came to the studio to explain why.

In "Brexit Special: Are we living in a Disunited Kingdom?", Afshin Rattansi of Going Underground, does not shy from putting the positives of Britain's referendum outcome, including more affordable housing. He interviews Alex Salmond, former First Minister of the Scottish National Party about the implications of Brexit for another Scottish referendum, asks Conservative MP, David Davies if Brexit could be the end of the UK and hears from a former Labour home secretary, Yvette Cooper, who thinks a break-up of Britain could spell the end of her party, and from former coalition business secretary Sir Vince Cable, on the day his former boss resigned.

Crosstalk's debate on Brexit covers quite a field as usual..

In The Big Picture, journalist Thom Hartman, usually very defensive on the goods of immigration, gets out of that groove on this occasion and gives good time to the valid negatives, also citing some erudite sources on the matter.

The Keiser Report does its own wild but substantial analysis of Brexit, coming down hard on the high house prices and the arcane self-justifications of the elites and mainstream press. "Max and Stacy are joined from New York City by Mitch Feierstein of to dissect the economic, monetary and financial consequences of the ‘shocking’ Brexit vote - Britain votes to leave the European Union. The Keiser Report team look closer at the market sell off and ask if it’s part of a wider market weakness set in motion months ago, then examine the role of the media, much as in the rise of Donald Trump, in simply failing to understand the ‘disposable’ voters left behind by globalization. Mitch shows a chart proving that the biggest pound sterling sell-off was actually in 2008 and the currency has never really recovered since then. Finally, they look at the opportunities presented by panic selling."

In Sophie and Co Sophie Shevardnadze interviews Ken Livingstone, former mayor of London and Labor Party veteran, who pushes a globalist agenda on immigration and economics, but she keeps at him, revealing the inconsistencies.

Interviews in French:

A young pro-Brexit Franco-German speaks up. On France2's Friday 24 June 8pm program, Marie Drucker interviews Charlotte Kude, 25 years old of GermanFrench nationality and a parliamentary employee with the EU. Supposedly the young were among the pro-EU majority, but Charlotte became a spokesperson for the "Vote Leave" side. She is very happy about the Brexit win. "The British are not rejecting Europeans, they are rejecting the obsolete system (...). They were hoping to send a message to the political project and also in the hope that the EU would wake up to the welfare of all those that still remain members.

A chasm between bureaucrats and citizens: This young woman became a eurosckeptic through her experience in the European Parlement. "I was struck by the chasm beween the lifestyle of the bureaucrats in Brussels and that of European citizens. (...) More than 10,000 [among the Brussels bureaucrats] are paid more than the British Primeminister, for example. They don't pay taxes; they can drink, eat, travel with all expenses paid. And, in my opinion, that's what's contributing to the bubble they are living in which must eventually explode." [1]


[1] Original french summary of the interview: Charlotte Kude, 25 ans, est une assistante parlementaire franco-allemande. Surtout, elle est pour la sortie du Royaume-Uni de l'UE et est ainsi devenue porte-parole du mouvement "Vote Leave". Elle se réjouit donc du succès du Brexit. "Ce ne sont pas les Européens que les Britanniques rejettent, c'est bien le système politique obsolète qu'ils rejettent.(...) C'est le projet politique auxquels ils ont souhaité envoyé un message, et dans l'espoir aussi que l'Union européenne se réveille pour le bien-être de tous ceux qui y sont encore".

Un fossé entre bureaucrates et citoyens

La jeune femme est devenue eurosceptique par son expérience au Parlement européen. "J'ai été vraiment interpellée par le fossé entre le train de vie des bureaucrates à Bruxelles et celui des citoyens européens. (...) Il y en a plus de 10 000 qui sont payés plus que le Premier ministre britannique par exemple, ils ne payent pas d'impôts, ils peuvent boire, manger, voyager tous frais payés. Et ça, à mon sens, ça entretient cette bulle qui va finir par imploser"."

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On Google and Mozilla I encountered a message designed to frighten people from exercising their right to seek political information. It happened to me when I went to the French National Front home page. We think it is placed there the way ads target users. I don't usually use Chrome because of its privacy invasion, but I did use it recently due to problems with flashplayer on Mozilla. I suspect that it is Chrome that has infected my browsing with these ads. Now, as a journalist and researcher, I can justify visiting any site that provides journalism on public events, but a lot of Australians and people from other countries are frightened by this kind of intimidation, which is a function of elite wedge politics.

Wedge politics try to frighten people from personally investigating outside a narrow political spectrum. In Australia, for instance, the ALP use wedge politics so that ALP sympathisers are reluctant to go to Liberal events or sites; Libs discourage their members from going to ALP sources; both the 'majors' and the Greens carry implicit threats to any of their members looking at any but their own policies. Ex PM Tony Abbott was so worried that Pauline Hanson might win a seat that he got her sent to prison - on charges later reversed. Other nasty guns are the Socialist Alliance and spinoffs like "AntiFa' which attend rallies about national sovereignty, or immigration or Halal or population numbers, as professionally managed intimidators.

The ad I encountered against the National Front was probably financed by big money and could have been a post Brexit initiative from the US or the EU. It made me wait for 30 seconds before going to the National Front site, with the following highly questionable and one-sided message. The message makes no mention of the Western elites' role in financing war and economic disintegration that produces refugees, against the wishes of citizens in the east and the west. The message suggests that people have no right to prioritise citizenship and border control. Brexit was, of course, a reaction to this kind of elite propaganda and top-down messaging. We must not be afraid to examine all arguments. It is our duty to defy being herded along the lines that the elite prefer. It is our duty to check out the designated enemy. It is the duty of the press to interview all sides.

"Your attention please,

You are going to visit the website of a french political party which will try to make you believe that country borders and citizenship must define your priorities when talking about humanity or compassion.

The rejection of the other, the mix between secularism and patriotism and racism, discrimination of refugee populations in France and hatred of foreigners or their traditions, are the real tools and values of the members of this party.

Redirection to the official web site in 23 seconds, please wait."

By the way, Marine Le Pen's speech about Brexit was very good. She is a gifted speaker and makes many intelligent points as usual - more than the power elites do.

Google selects ads partly based on private history, and I'm sure, partly based on their "preference".

However, this doesn't mean the browser is compromised. The browser doesn't select the ad.

For those interested, there are other search engines which respect your privacy more.

One is "Duck Duck Go"

For alternative browsers, there is Midori, Opera and Vivaldi. Linux users also have Konqeuror.

There is also Yandex Browser, which is a Russian version of Google Chrome.

A good analysis from alt-Left blogger, Robert Linsday


That’s the message of Brexit.

Death to globalization, neoliberalism, corporate rule, horrific free trade agreements, races to the bottom, Triangulation, neoconservatism, invade the world/invite the world, trickle-down economics, austerity, financial conservatism, privatization, vouchers, wild inequality and the whole ball of dung.

Death to it all!

Burn in Hell, Globalisation!

Thanks Dennis. I have definitely noticed how Google monitors my mail and sends ads trying to sell me things the minute I key in any object. And of course I go to lots of political sites of all complexions. However this 'message' went way beyond the bounds. Of course I can use other search engines, but most people do not. And they will be manipulated by this heinous kind of messaging.

After 5 days of comment on the Brits getting out I haven't seen much in the way of congratulations. Some have agreed, some have agreed enthusiastically, but not much in the way of pats on the back, no well dones and no 'well that's a breath of fresh air'. To put it into the parlance of the late great Richie Benaud "Gutsy declaration that one by the British". Personally, I liken it following a truck up the Newell Hwy. and on the back of the truck emblazoned above the tail lights there is passing side and suicide, the Brits wisely have chosen the former.

Whether the neoliberals will routed at Lords is another matter as this only the first innings in a series of Tests where, for a change, the dog has wagged its tail instead of the reverse as has been the case for much of the past 40 years! Well done!!

We cannot go on with a public broadcaster who fails to inform the public that our populations numbers are out of control in Australia BECAUSE OF PLANNED INVITED ECONOMIC IMMIGRATION AND THE ABILITY TO SWAP OVER FROM TEMPORARY VISAS TO PERMANENT ONSHORE!
At a vivid picture is painted of the absolute dystopia that high immigration is creating in Australia especially along the eastern seaboard.

1. Housing UNaffordability
2. traffic , infrastructure deficit , increasingly overcrowded public transport and never ending peak hour traffic, the trillions of $$$ that go into infrastructure for (BUT not mentioned) ever increasing demand.)

Immigration was not mentioned but it was a very vivid worrying picture with no relief in sight. It was shocking to wake up to.

Then, to cap it all of there was a terrible segment on the audiological industry, the fact that anyone can sell heralding aids. Illustrating the problems of this unregulated industry was a personal story of a proudly congenitally hearing-impaired 40 year old hairdresser with her oww business who had to let her only staff member go because of the debts she was incurring for hearing aid purchases. They should be government supplied for someone like this!!!!!!

The failure of the ABC, which is our taxpayer funded public broadcaster, to mention WHY our population is growing (i.e. massive immigration numbers, invited here, not refugees) is the stuff of a dictatorship. It is an undeniable conspiracy against the people of Australia and mirrors that conducted by the commercial mass media which has invested in housing and commodities inflation produced by population growth. It is a total failure of journalism ethics that ABC reporters fail to tell us up front why this is happening and fail to represent our great dissatisfaction and despair at the consequences.