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City building height limit; the property council; banks and foreign buyers; more on wall collapse

Here is an update on current overdevelopment trends in Melbourne, by Mary Drost, of Planning Backlash, with references to height and density, the Property Council of Australia, safety and a new activist group, Victorian Building Action Group.

Well finally the government say they are going to limit building heights in the city.   Bit too late as far as I  can see.  Imagine  that  we have higher density in our city than New York or Hong Kong!!!!!.   And they also say they are going to consult with developers and residents. Can you imagine what the developers will be saying? Let us see if the government has the courage to do it against the wishes of developers. But it seems they are not setting height limits, only density.

The Property Council at it again. They are now demanding that Councils hand over land for development.    What a cheek.   Peoples rates buy the land that is used for car parking and the land is needed.

Well, banks are stopping lending to foreign buyers  - that is good news and in another item, the government are increasing the tax on foreign buyers. Still not high enough tax to be a deterrent. Not like smart Singapore who put on a 20% tax, and that stopped it.

There was recently news of the wall collapse. Now there's another one. Here is the link.You might also like to look at the Facebook of the Victorian Building Action Group, whose issue is the shonky building going on in Victoria and what it is doing to people.

Here is some information on the wall collapse:

These ‘accidents’ are a daily occurrence – here are two on one day!

Re the wall collapse – here are two links: (1.) The Age 20 April 2016: ‘Wall collapse: How the system failed’:

This has a short video attached.

(2.) 20 April 2016 Wall collapses at North Melbourne building site: WorkSafe on the scene’:

Our record on safety, just like our record on building, is worse every day!

To keep up-to-date, Victorian Building Action Group Facebook


NEW regulations on how high buildings can rise could have a dramatic effect on Australia’s skylines but may lead to higher house prices. The growthist will always feign false sympathy for home buyers, in an effort to provide mythical "affordable housing" to the public.

Australia is currently in the midst of a skyscraper boom with Melbourne, Sydney and the Gold Coast leading the craze to go high. Developers would like to be able to sidestep the new regulations, and scrape the sky as now, by providing more community spaces, such as playgrounds, parks, social housing or a laneway with cafes and shops. They think they can do deals by providing public space and get the right to soar to dizzy heights, in return. Mr Wynne said the proposed building requirements were vital.

"Housing density in the CBD of Melbourne [is] now greater than some of our Asian cities such as Singapore and Hong Kong,: someone said to ABC. Did we really choose to densify our city to this extreme? It's not organic growth, but bloated, forced growth through high rates of immigration. We only need one huge disaster, of an aeroplane collision, tornado, terrorist act or some other fall to really bring a wake-up call that there are limits to any growth in the real world. Our governments are pursuing a policy of endless population growth, but it's megalomaniac and can't be sustained. Nature will stem this policy, eventually.