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Chelsworth Park is our Park - Community asset, not private takeover!

Ivanhoe’s much loved Chelsworth Park, on the Yarra flood plain near the southern entrance to Banyule, is currently being considered for a 20 +10 year Commercial Lease between Banyule City Council (BCC) Ivanhoe Grammar School (IGS) - A commercial entity.

A Commercial Lease threatens the ability of our Community to decide how the park will be used, over a period of expected high population increase in Melbourne and Ivanhoe and a growing reduction in private residential space - as the number of multi-unit dwellings increase due to Government policy.

Many residents of Banyule oppose this move and believe that

1. Restrictions on the availability of the park, for both passive and active use - if leased to a private entity, are not in the community’s long-term interests.

2. Banyule City Council needs to step up to the mark and provide first-rate facilities for the ratepayers of Banyule in all its parks and for all its schools to share equally - rather than over-use some parks (nearby Ivanhoe Park) and under use and under support others (Ford Park). Council needs to do more to ensure that passive recreation, and the riverine environment for which Chelsworth Park is famous, are protected into the future.

3. More transparency is needed – Governance and Financial Reporting conditions under the current IGS peppercorn lease, have NOT been met (- despite fees from the Clubs using the Park going to IGS); In addition, Chelsworth Park continues to receive favourable infrastructure funding from Council - while other Parks miss out.

Current Griffin Ward Councillor Jenny Mulholland has given little support to major community concerns.


Write : To All Councillors, the CEO, and relevant officers
(PO Box 51, Ivanhoe 3079/ ) and
Phone: Current Ward Councillor, Jenny Mulholland, and current Mayor, Craig Langdon
Jenny: 0413 986 912; (PO Box 51, Ivanhoe 3079;
Craig : 0401 097 032; (PO Box 51, Ivanhoe 3079;

Insist Council rent the land at commercial real estate rates over the short term*, (- say 5 year maximum renewals) where spare time and playing surface capacity exists, and after community needs are met . (*This could involve IGS marking, mowing, and watering the grounds as now, - as payment in kind, but with Council managing all infrastructure and community bookings)

Insist BCC control all signage, bookings, payment and community liaison (as with its other parks )

Insist that NO EXTRA business use be granted; Instead, over time, business use will be reduced while increasing community needs are met.

Ask to be notified: - of any BCC Chelsworth Plans, relevant Council Meetings and Plan exhibits - Contact Tom Zappulla : : 9490 4222

And see: for more info – Email contact available on the CONTACTS page

Attend the Upcoming Community Meeting:

‘Protecting Heritage and Public Interest in Banyule’
Speaker Julianne Bell of Protectors of Public Lands
Sunday July 6th
2.00pm for 2.30pm
Seddon St. Community Centre Ivanhoe
Gold coin donation / More Information 0427 949 951 / 0411 154 914 (Robyn / Paul)

Chelsworth Park is our Park - Community asset, not private takeover!

Join us to discuss these issues of our time.