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The South Australian Greens are supporting Stop Population Growth Now party

The South Australian Greens have given their first preferences at next Saturday’s 15th March state election to the Stop Population Growth Now party.

In an enlightened move for the Greens, the party in SA is actually acknowledging the strong and obvious link between living standards, environmental conservation and climate change – something that shouldn't be so obscure for the rest of the party with an environmental focus!

Mark Parnell MLC is the current sitting Greens member in the Legislative Council, and supports the protection of the environment and everyone's right to live in a just, humane and healthy world. Policies dominated by the vested interests of property developers, and corporations that feed of population growth, are contrary to these aims.

The South Australian Greens’ policy also appears at odds with that of the federal Greens, which states that “an Australian population policy must consider the geographical distribution of human settlements rather than just concentrate upon population size”.

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The “geographical distribution” of our human settlements is largely in our coastal cities, our “green belt”, fringing the world's driest continent. Avoiding the population size in the debate has been characteristic of the Green's population policy – which is more an apology rather than something they can actually implement.

The SA Greens say “part of reducing our ecological footprint requires reducing the rate of population growth”. While the Greens, and most other “green” groups, concentrate on the footprints of individuals, and living sustainably, they ignore the absolute overall growth in the number of feet! It's a convenient diversion, and intellectual dishonesty to stay politically correct.

“The Greens will aim to stabilise South Australia’s population within a generation,” is a policy platform says. Thanks to years of high growth rates, slowing down the momentum takes time, but at least there should be a stable population if we start now, with this generation. We owe it to future generations that the nation, the planet, we hand down to them is largely intact, and there is room for move for innovation, quality lifestyles, conservation and existing ecosystems, - and that they are not crushed by the greed of this generation's pro-growthists!

Mark Parnell, an upper house MP and leader of the Greens in South Australia, said “zero population growth on this planet is absolutely inevitable”. However, the ABS reveals that South Australia's fertility levels are below the other states, at 1.89, compared to other States of over 2.0 in Tasmania.

The desired “growth” will be from net overseas immigration levels, running at 60% of our population growth nationally, not from the number of children being born. It's artificial growth, socially engineered by Federal and State governments.

The SA Green's population policy says that: South Australia, even with its relatively small population, has a disproportionately large ecological footprint. In fact, if everyone in the world were to live like us, we would need more than three planet Earths to provide us with the all the resources we consume and deal with all the waste we produce....In South Australia, both the number of people and the per-person consumption are increasing, intensifying our unsustainable impact. Improvements in technology may help reduce our impact, but we also need to stabilise our population and deal with overconsumption and waste.

We need a new approach to prosperity that challenges the underlying assumptions of growth and consumption.

Parnell recognises that his policy on population are at odds with the Greens at national level. Stabilising our popualtion needs to be a national target, and a good start is at State level.
Once land is subdivided, planning laws are made maleable and flexible, and “growth” becomes ingrained into the culture and texture of the economy, it becomes inevitable.


The executive of the SPGN is comprised of former members of the Australian Democrats, scientists, accountants and IT professionals. With the demise of the Democrats, they have morphed in to a millennial ‘save the earth’ party. The SPNG’s aim is to “Reduce Australia's rate of population growth to zero as rapidly as possible. If the resulting stable population is still environmentally unsustainable then work to reduce the size of the population until we achieve environmental sustainability.”

For too long, our nation's demographic patterns causing record-breaking rates of growth have been artificially manipulated, without public debate, and democratic reference.

How Stop Population Growth Now will seek to implement its zero population growth policy:
1.Reduce immigration. Australia's present very high rate of immigration has been foisted on the Australian public without any chance to vote on this issue. -
2.Strongly discourage  families of more than 2 children, whilst continuing to welcome 1 or 2 child families. “We do not favour any coercive strategies for family planning such as the Chinese one-child policy but we do not believe that couples should be encouraged or rewarded to have families of more than 2 children through baby bonuses or other benefits”.

The so-called “population control” agenda has been corrupted by the mainsteam media to assert that the party will malignantly “control” the number of children families will be allowed to have. It's hardly any vision of humans being invasive vermin like rats, ravaging the Earth! Most of our population growth is due to government immigration policies, (running at 60% of our population growth) to propagate the housing industry, and not based on Australia's fragile landscape of increasingly hostile weather patterns, declining living standards, ecological damage from urban expansion, rising fuel prices and declining jobs.

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Chinese are the biggest buyers of direct real estate in Australia, according to the Foreign Investment Review Board’s latest tally of approvals. That has given rise to concerns about distortions in the market.

'$5 million visas' for Chinese rich could be invested in start-ups

Canada’s luxury housing market has already been impacted by changes to immigration policy and could be in for rougher times as foreign investors are lured to the United States, and Australia, instead. Canada's federal budget has closed a loophole offering a shortcut to wealthy investors. A story in the South China Morning Post found there are 45,000 wealthy Chinese immigrants, with a combined worth of least $12.9-billion, waiting to get into Canada under the program.

Canadian Finance Minister Jim Flaherty announced that their 28-year-old visa scheme, designed to attract wealthy foreigners to the country, would be axed because their housing market had been inflated to one of the most expensive in the world!

However, here in Australia, the visa program for wealthy Chinese is to be open and extended. A program that provides residency visas to Chinese and other millionaires with $5 million to invest in Australia is set to be expanded.

The Abbott government is reviewing and plans to expand the significant investment visa program, which has granted four-year visas to 116 foreigners in just over a year. We can only expect to see prices inflated even further as Australians continue to be locked our of home ownership.

The Stop Population Growth Now, and Sustainable Population Party, should also address the issue of the sovereignty of our real estate, and the predatory foreign property industry. Our already porous borders are being manipulated by who can pay the top dollar to enter our nation. We may as well open our borders, and parliament house, and allow Chinese elite, and property investors, to run out nation!

Certainly, this scam in which housing needed by native Australians is being sold off to parasitic overseas speculators, violates ethical standards.

Whilst we still have a semblance of free speech and a free and open Internet, it should be possible to remove from office the governments who are complicit in this scam.

Victorians will get a chance to do that at the state elections scheduled to be held on 30 November. This could happen sooner with the help of the labor movement who are against Victorian Premier Dennis Napthine's anti-free-speech "Summary Offensives and Sentencing Amendment Bill"

When that happens, and we are governed by people who wish to serve the people of this country and not wealthy domestic and foreign elites, then every politician and public servant found to have been complicit in this scam can be made to pay.

At the very least they should be sacked. Ideally they should also be made to suffer the deprivation they intend to inflict on fellow Australians. If it can be found they have broken laws, then they should be fined, have their assets, including their homes taken from them or even imprisoned.

Such a government should also make the wealthy foreign speculators sell back their ill-gotten gains at no more than the cost which they paid for the apartments less the cost of administering the buy-back.