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Margot Carrol wins recognition for political activism as community service

A article written in 2011 "Anti-Growth Lobby: Women in politics: why don't more participate - or do they? (Melbourne, Australia)" asserted that "women dominate politics in Victoria, Australia - they just don't draw salaries." Margot Carrol is another case in point. Her importance extends well beyond Stonnington.

I watched her at the Supreme Court Case over Orrong Towers and admired her ability to sit unpaid through hours and hours of barrister-speak for the pure benefit of her community. Such a contrast to observing the antics of our paid, mosty male, parliamentarians.

Margot Carroll gets Mayor’s Award of the Year 2013 for outstanding voluntary service to the community

In Stonnington Council's news she has been recognised for this service:

Margot is a long-term resident of Stonnington who has been actively involved in community issues for about 30 years. She is extremely passionate about preserving Melbourne’s Heritage and livability from inappropriate developments.

One of her biggest battles in recent times was to stop the over development at 590 Orrong Road in Armadale. (See "")She has worked tirelessly to ensure the community’s voice on this issue was heard. The battle is now in its fourth year, and throughout the entire time, Margot has demonstrated exceptional leadership and negotiation abilities – and was not prepared to give up.

Under her skillful leadership, Margot has helped prove that the Stonnington community is serious when it comes to protecting the character of the local area and shopping inappropriate development.

Margot has helped bring the community together over the issue, and is prepared to keep fighting until a favourable result is received."

Margot's importance and example extends well beyond Stonnington.