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Rainbow beach and Liberal National government - need to consolidate victory

This article contains links to a video of an amazing 2007 meeting at Rainbow Beach where the whole town came out against the development, which has now been terminated by a Court case. Predictably, but sadly, however, the people who lost the Rainbow Beach court case look now as if they are agitating for a political solution in the hope of being able to get what they wanted in another way and put lots of buildings on world heritage Inskip point. So, to keep what has been won, it will be necessary to consolidate that victory.

People who actively supported the Rainbow Beach court appeal enabled the activists fighting the case to bring the expert town-planner and economist into the appeal. These two areas of evidence were determinative to the decision. Without that expert evidence available to the court, the developer's expert views on these crucial matters would have stood alone.

People have been fighting this development since 2007 as this you-tube record of a town meeting on 3 May 2007 shows. I filmed the entire meeting but until just recently, the film was lost. There are several parts to this film, which I am currently publishing on you-tube. People who attended this meeting may be cheered and strengthened to see how strongly the community pulled together to preserve its natural environment. There is drama and comedy as well - worthy of a 'Seachange' series.

This task should have been undertaken by the Council but they failed miserably to properly acquit their duty to the community and to the planning scheme. It was down to the community to fund and to present that evidence. The community stood up to this task and has helped win an enormous victory.

Sadly though the developer and his professional entourage have not accepted the court's decision and the very substantial facts that support it. They are already in full swing agitating for a political 'solution' to this thoroughly evaluated and sensible result.

The public must keep making their voice heard

It is vital that the developer lobby is not the only voice heard.

Yes, it was stated that this court case would provide a final result, but that was prior to the recent election. Things are now not so cut and dried, but they are not all that difficult if we all do a little bit to keep the facts of the court decision in clear public view. The judgment makes a development outcome of any sort upon the RS2 site very difficult. Nonetheless, through lack of scrutiny, the Campbell Newman Liberal National Government could potentially do anything.

They need to be convinced that would be neither popular nor wise.

The court case was a technical crusade not a political one. Now though Rainbow Beach needs the force of numbers and widespread intelligent comment to keep the court result safe from harm.

How you can help

Please help by writing a bit, spreading information around and encouraging others to take an interest.

Start now with:

- letters to the Gympie Times (short and to the point just saying hurrah! or anything further you might like to add);
- comments posted to the news articles linked below (ASAP - before they become fish-wrap)
- others as they might appear and as you may find links,
- letters to key politicians
- attendance at key public meetings.

Meeting Wednesday June 19th 2013

For instance at 6pm on Wednesday June 19th at the Sports Recreation and Memorial Club.

If you are in Rainbow Beach next Wednesday at 6pm please go to this meeting, which is described in this news article (also linked below) and ensure that it is not a one-sided media stunt masquerading as a genuinely 'outraged' and disadvantaged community. Be there in numbers to say:
- the decision is a good one,
- it is based on the facts
- it does not disadvantage anyone but a few developers
- it accurately reflects the views of most local residents and visitors and comes as a great comfort and a breath of fresh factual air to blow away the BS sprayed about town by the developer.
- the business lobby should get on with local tourism business that will genuinely help everyone, and stop touting property speculation that would profit only a few.

Please let us know if you can get to this meeting. (For contacts go here.) Knowing that a good number of informed people will be there will help the confidence of all of those considering attending.

The meaning of the Court's decision

The Court's decision very clearly and strongly informs this position
The core of the decision can be most succinctly summarised as follows:

The planning scheme stipulates that Need and environmental impacts are determinative upon any development decision upon Lot 22 (the RS2 site).
The facts show there is no Need for the scale of development proposed.
The facts show that the site and surrounds support very significant environmental values and that these would be severely damaged by the proposed development.

Put another way this means:

Inskip has significant environmental values that are protected by law.
Rainbow Beach is an area of slow growth - hence quiet and relaxed, a respite from the urban pressures elsewhere and with ample land in and around the town to provide for natural growth pressure.

Very obviously these features provide the core ingredients for a successful and sustainable tourism plan that does not conflict with ecological values or with the values of residents seeking a quiet life. These features are the eggs from the proverbial golden goose.

Sadly the dummy spitters now agitating against the court decision are oblivious to this reality as they are blinded by the greed of their ambition. They would readily slaughter the golden goose in their pursuit.

Please see the links below for a view of this agitation.
Please help now to quell it as quickly as possible.
A planning process is a good idea but it needs to be based on the facts, which are now available in abundance thanks to the court procedure, and not on agitation and selfishness.

Current article links:

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Developers, with the support of our high immigration-addicted governments, are a public pest and environmental threat. If the damage to coastal strips and fertile lands was done by an invasive species, scientists would trying to manage their impacts and forging solutions to save the environment. However, with population growth surging, due to heavy immigration rates, humans will need land for housing and will need to spill out on whatever land there is! Australia is being wrecked by high population growth, environmentally, socially and economically. A few elite continue to profit, but for the great majority our common wealth is spread further and further between more and more people. Precious coast, biodiversity and picturesque scenery will all become generic housing and urban sprawl unless the pressure is kept up.