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Canadian Broadcasting Corporation airs prejudices against white Canadians

People with dark skin or from Asia are not the only people who suffer racial vilification these days. In arguing for more immigration a Maltese immigrant complained on the "Sounds Like Canada" program of Friday, January 25/08 that one or two maritime provinces were mostly white and that others were "even worse". Typically, multicultural enthusiast and host Sheila Rogers did not challenge him for this outrageous racist statement.

One wonders how a CBC interviewer might react if a guest said that the downtown core of Regina was mostly aboriginal but other communities were "even worse". Or that many districts in Greater Vancouver are predominantly Chinese but others, like Richmond, are "even worse". When comments like these go by the board on the national broadcasting network, it is little wonder that so many politically correct bigots feel able to complain openly that their particular town is too "whitebread".

I am a native-born Canadian of European ancestry and I am sick and tired of being made to feel that I am some kind of disease who should be made to feel perpetually guilty for my white skin and for the multitude of sins allegedly committed generations ago, a disease that needs to be cured by a massive foreign influx.

Insults directed at the national whipping boy, Canadians of white pigmentation, are not the way to build the harmony you claim to seek.

Tim Murray
Quadra Island, BC
Canada V0P 1N0
January 28/08


Tim, I think the argument you make is sound, however, I do take some exception to the way you refer to the sins of many of your white forefathers in Canada as 'alleged'. They were very real (or at least in the US with it's Massacre at Wounded Knee as but one of many examples) and in Australia.

However past ill-treatment of aboriginal societies is no justification for the current inhabitants of our societies being treated largely in the same way as those societies were back then. It does nothing to redress past injustices and only serves to destroy our social cohesion, our environment, and our children's future

Attitudes which effectively amount to racism against people of Anglo-Celtic descent from even amongst amongst left-liberal members of that community are quite common here in Australia, also. See, for example the following comment on a forum on Online Opinion in response to the article "Privileged 'whites'" of 8 Oct 2007:

There are already sufficient numbers of Australians of non-Western heritage to ensure that time and demographics will further consign “White Australia” to a slightly embarrassing historical memory.

James, I appreciate your point. Many "sins" were real. The internment of Japanese Canadians in 1941 was real. The failure to compensate them was real.The abduction of First Nations children from their communities and placement in residential schools of abuse was real. The denial of the right to vote from Chinese Canadians until 1948 was real. Theft of Aboriginal land without honouring treaty obligations was real. The list is not exhaustive. "Alleged" was a poor choice of words, much like saying that the killings at Aushwitz were "alleged". So why did I say it? Because much of what is said about European-Canadian culpability is wrong. Firstly, there was no Wounded Knee or massacre at Sand Creek. The Mounties were not the US Calvalry and we had no George Custer. Instead we had the Riel Rebellion. True a lot of natives died of disease, 80,000 in British Columbia I believe of small pox. But Europeans here did not deliberately infect blankets and pass them out. Native immune systems just couldn't handle a fatal contact. The greatest cross we have had to bear are the Oriental Exclusion Act and the Komagata Maru incident of the early 20th century. The spin that has been put on these developments is that Asians were deliberately excluded from our country for racist reasons. These events are re-visited by the media and the educational system over and over again so as to silence all opposition to future immigration from the region. Much in the way that our Prime Minister's turning back of Jewish refugees from Hitler is waved in our face as a reason never to say no to an unlimited number of refugees. The reason for the Oriental Exclusion Act and the expulsion of the passengers of the Komagata Maru was to protect the wages and working conditions of BCs labour force. Period. These are the "sins" I had in mind when I referred to "alleged" sins. Tim