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Syrian Journalists' Union Calls for more Struggle in Defense of Free Speech

DAMASACUS, (SANA)_The Syrian Journalists' Union stressed that the Syrian journalists are more determined than ever to continue conveying the truth of the situation in Syria.

In a statement on Wednesday on the occasion of the Syrian Journalists' Day, the Union called for more struggle in defense of free speech.

"Syria is targeted by a conspiracy that aims at fragmenting the Arab nation so as to succumb to US-Israeli hegemony, aided by an Arab and foreign interference that employed domestic tools and mercenaries whose only project is killing and destruction."

The Union said that the Syrian journalists are shouldering their responsibilities in defending Syria, indicating that they paid a heavy price to reveal the truth about what is happening on the ground.

The statement added that colonial powers have used media as a tool for blemishing the image of the Syrian army and people, adding that the dubious media campaign is part and parcel of the conspiracy against Syria.

The Union saluted the great Syrian people who stood up to the conspiracy, also saluting the martyrs of free speech and the valiant Syrian Arab army who is defending Syria.

M. Ismael

Republished from article of 15 Aug 2012 on SANA.

Editorial comment: Whilst the Syrian people have shown remarkable courage and astonishing resilience in their fight against the terrorist proxies of the US, NATO, Israel and the Arab dictatorships since March 2011, there has to be a limit to how much violence and killing any people can endure. It is vital that the criminals who have subjected the Syrians to these attacks are made to pay a political price for what they have done.

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