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$13,000 Oz home grants going to Kuala Lumpur buyers

This advertisement from Kuala Lumpur shows how development companies are not only selling Australian houses in Asia but are offering Australian taxpayer-funded government grants to further entice Kuala-Lumpurans to buy here. These grants were intended to help young Australians get into the housing market but instead the developers are offering them to foreigners. The ad is for housing in the Whittlesea area of Victoria, but the reality is that the same thing is going on all over Australia.

How can politicians tell us we have a housing shortage? If we did, they could sell the houses here and not have to go to foreigners. Why is the government allowing this land way out of town to be built on at all and then sold to foreigners?

We are being taken for fools.

This ad has been sent to Matthew Guy, the Victorian Minister for Planning, and to a local federal mp. How about sending it to your MPs as well, if you feel it is wrong.

The advertisement says, "Hurry, get the AUD$13,000 Australian Government Grant." Foreign buyers can also save on stamp duty.

Whittlesea is just north of Mill Park, where wildlife activists and residents unsuccessfully tried to stop government slaughter of displaced kangaroos last year. To get to Plenty Road from the city you pass through some of the densest populations in the world, and then past endless suburbs, many of them only built within the last two to five years. Wildlife activists have deplored the fate of wildlife as the greedy developers and complicit state governments have turned a blind eye or aimed a gun. Residents have watched in horror as completely undemocratic decisions have been made to maim and mutilate the countryside, overpopulating it, rapidly increasing demand for services and resources, driving their prices beyond the reach of all but the well-off. At the same time, salaries are not increasing but job insecurity is increasing. Australians have little slack and nowhere to turn except to demand that their MPs start to represent them and stop this abuse of the system.

Whittlesea residents need to take out an ad in the Kuala Lumpur paper where this offensive ad for Whittlesea land and housing was run. The ad should politely inform Kuala Lumpurans of the situation and that Australians did not agree to have their taxes used to facilitate foreign investors making the situation worse for wildlife and for the homeless and the mortgage-burdened.

Contact your local MP and ask him/her what he is doing about this further pressure on the green wedges and on housing prices and this funelling of Australian taxes into foreign purses. Then write to as a comment to this article and tell us what your MP's answer was. We will publish it. Exert pressure. The situation is unacceptable. It is scandalous and has population impacts which may lead to ordinary Australians becoming destitute due to inflated power, land, and housing costs within the foreseeable future.


Not only this, but it is being suggested that the Australian government will be offering HECS style loans for international students to study here. With the rising dollar, their numbers are decreasing. With few real industries in Australia except mining, our government is desperate for foreign currency and to use our educational infrastructure for profits.
Globalisation is the modern evil. Globalization can satisfy our hunger for cheap imported goods but it also means thousands of jobs get shipped abroad for the cheaper labour costs. It also means our housing market is entrenched, and prices kept at healthy levels to maximise profits.
Supporters of globalisation argue that by becoming part of the world economy, developing countries and those living in abject poverty get a chance to grasp economic opportunities. "free trade" simply enables multinationals to dominate markets and push out local enterprise, and add to local housing/job woes.
Globalization is the metastizing cancer of the worst aspects of global capitalism, perhaps the most insidious, most ruthless and most evil system of wealth creation (exploitation) the world has ever known. Some developing countries can benefit, but powerful nations are able to suck out and monopolize local markets, and human rights - such as that of housing - decline.

Is Matthew Guy corrupt?

Money laundering of Australian tax grants to Malaysians? What the?

Is Matthew Guy authorising such Australian grants to go offshore and displace Australians from housing opportunities?
If Matthew Guy was a people smuggler he would get a measly 4 years incarceration. In Henry VIII's time he would be hung drawn and quartered. I'd watch!

What do Whittlesea residents think?

Has the Guy bastard had the decency to ask them to approve Malaysian invasion of their quiet coastal community?
What if corporate Australian real estate agents landed in Malaysia's popular east coast tourist haven of Kuala Terengganu and proclaimed property discounts only to Australians?
I would understand local Malaysians 'concerns' so to speak; fortune if one survived.

Suggan Buggan
Snowy River Region
Victoria 3885

"Planning" has become synonymous with opportunities for developers, and pumping up population numbers. Matthew Guy justifies regional growth and more land releases as an effort to provide "affordable housing" to Victorians. There will never be a closure to "affordable housing" while our population keeps expanding and growing. Like putting out spot fires, one may be out, and then the fires escalate.

Planning should be about ensuring a future for Victoria, and a balance between natural assets, providing infrastructure and a consolidation what we already have. Instead, public funds are being spent on perpetual growth, while Victoria is swimming in debt!

Planning has descended into a Ponzi scheme to provide opportunities for developers and housing investors- for our "development"-driven growth-based economy in Victoria.
Like bacteria in the petri dish, enjoying consuming their finite resources, when they are full and come to the limits of growth, they wallow in their mass decline.

I sent the following letter to my local Federal MP. She has referred it to the State MP from whom I have not yet heard.

"It has come to my notice that the first home buyers' grant of $13,000 is being advertised in Kuala Lumpur to potential buyers of property in Australia. This grant whilst probably misconceived in its attempt to make housing more affordable in a climate of high population growth and high demand for housing, was actually intended for Australian first home buyers. I object to my taxes being used in this damaging way and would like to be reassured that either it is not true or there is some justification for this. I totally oppose government engineered high population growth through high immigration and abhor the consequent rise in property prices which lead to immense pressure on local people who are in the market for a house. I would like to add that I am well aware that the small numbers of asylum seekers who arrive on our shores have nothing to do with this issue. It is seemingly deliberately confused in the minds of the public, courtesy of the media and some politicians past and present. I would be grateful if you could let me know the true situation regarding the availability of the first home buyers' grant for non Australian residents."

Hi Jill,

Who is your local MP and who is the State Member she referred the matter to?

Sheila Newman, population sociologist
home page

Kelly O'Dwyer and Micheal O'Brien respectively.

Has the roaming Rudd got Big Australia agencies overseas?
Kuala Lumpur perhaps?
What about Jakarta and Ashore Reef? Perhaps the Australian Navy could do some revenue neutral charters, rather than just sending out the welcoming party?

'Adequate housing is a human right and is part of having a quality of life. However, each day 105, 000 Australians are without safe, secure and affordable housing.

Tonight half of Australia's homeless will stay with friends or family.
About 2 in every 7 will find a bed in a boarding house.
A lucky 1 in every 7 will find a bed in the homeless service system.
1 in every 7 will sleep rough on the streets of our cities and towns.'


This probably doesn't include Australian Aborigines in the outback. Unacceptable in Australia in 2011!

In Australia we have a Foreign Labor Government.

Suggan Buggan
Snowy River Region
Victoria 3885

It's not just Whittlesea being sold to foreigners.
Forget Australia's affordable housing crisis. Now the Foreign Labor Party is building 'ParanVille' in East Hobart...

Read the following article into today's Hobart Mercury: 'ParanVille nod builds bonus'

'WORK on a $900 million Korean suburb on Hobart's Eastern Shore will start within a year after winning final planning approval yesterday.

Billed as an "integrated lifestyle, education, and residential development", ParanVille will be one of the biggest residential subdivisions developed in the state and promises to give the struggling building industry a massive boost. It is expected to attract residents from Korea, China and Japan who are keen to escape harsh northern winters and the threat of nuclear accidents, its backers said yesterday.

The 158-hectare rural site between Howrah and Rokeby approved by the Tasmanian Planning Commission will become home to more than 2000 new residents and several hundred language students and will generate up to 1000 jobs during the 10-year construction period.

It will feature a language school and residence hall for students. The site was chosen because of Tasmania's international image as a clean, green, safe and politically stable place to live and for its proximity to Hobart's airport.

Foreign Labor Premier Lara Giddings yesterday hailed it as a vote of confidence in Tasmania's new planning system.

"It should give business outside the state, and of course outside investors, some confidence to know that our planning does work and that indeed Tasmania is open for business," she said.

"This project will create jobs in the construction industry at a time when the housing industry is struggling."

Developer Paul Kim's son, Pius, said his father expected strong demand for properties at ParanVille.

"In Seoul right now it's minus 14 degrees. Climate-wise in summer it's really hot and in winter it's really cold in Korea. Tasmania has a much better climate.

"Also, there are other factors such as nuclear risks, typhoons and natural disasters.

"Koreans and Chinese visitors who come to Australia love Australia, but they especially love Tasmania."

Mr Kim said his father was delighted the local community had welcomed the project and it had now passed the final planning hurdle.

"He has been working for this project for nine years now and he is happy to see it to fruition. Almost all the construction work will be done by Tasmanians. Some parts of the planning will be done by Korean workers as well and some Korean construction techniques will be brought over by them.

"When he first came to Tasmania in 2003 there were only 30 Korean people living in Tasmania. Now officially there are about 1080 people living here and there will be more."

The Tasmanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry welcomed news of the development's final approval.

Chamber chief Robert Wallace said the decision sent a clear message to investors that Tasmania was open for business and the project investment would provide a major boost to the state economy.

"This will be a project of state significance, one that will provide a much needed boost to employment," he said.

The manager of Rokeby's Hardware Pro store Ken Mathers said he was looking forward to welcoming the new residents to the area.

"It will have to be a huge spin-off," he said. "It will be ongoing because then you'll have hundreds of well-off retired Korean people living there.

"It will be a boost for every business on the Eastern Shore for us in the short term with the construction, but in the long term it will give us access to hundreds more people."

Suggan Buggan
Snowy River Region
Victoria 3885

I have received a reply from Michael O'Brien member for Malvern in the Victorian state parliament.

He writes......"I have sought advice from Hon Kim Wells MP, Treasurer of Victoria and the State Revenue Office Victoria and can confirm that the information regarding the Grant being available to non- Australian residents is incorrect.
The Grant is funded by the Australian government and administered by each State Revenue Office. Eligible applicants may be entitled to a one off payment to assist with buying or building their first home in Australia. Eligibility requirements indicate that in order to be entitled to the Grant, you (or at least one applicant) must be a permanent citizen at the time of settlement or construction of the home.
The article you refer to from the Herald Sun newspaper quotes an advertisement in the Malaysian newspaper News Straits Time, stating that "exclusive release to Kula Lumpur" and "Hurry up and get the AUD$13,000 Australian Government Grant". The Grant is not available for non-Australian residents or citizens. However for example, an overseas student in Australia who has permanent Australian resident status may be eligible for the Grant, provided they live at the property as a principle place of residence for a consecutive six months within twelve months of purchase.

He continues that further info can be obtained a State Government revenue Office

This is what your reply from Hon. Michael O'Brien seems to indicate. The important part is at the end where he talks about permanent Australian residents (as opposed to citizens).

It looks like one can get permanent Australian resident status on the flimsy pretext that one has resided at a property in Australia as a principle place of residence for six months!

What kind of country are we running here? What sort of protection do we have from overpopulation and open slather on our homeloans and everything else?
The home grant should be changed to Australian Citizens' Home Grant at the very least. And it should not go to people with dual citizenship.

It does mean that loads of people from Kuala Lumpur or anywhere can get AUD$13,000 for any new house they purchase in Australia if they can have a signature from one person who has resided here for 6 months. Furthermore, more reading makes me think that if anyone then coming to live in that house or some other house gets permanent residence. What it does is facilitate chain migration which you and I are made to pay for - in taxes and housing shortages and higher prices for electricity, water and rent, plus crowded inadequate transport in a country where democracy is just a disappearing memory. It would be possible to entirely repopulate Australia in this manner, internationally seeking rich people.

At First Home Owner Grant

"- for eligible transactions entered into on or after 1 January 2005, applicants must occupy the home purchased or built, as their principal place of residence for a continuous period of at least 6 months commencing within 12 months after completion of the eligible transaction

- everyone who on completion of the transaction will be an owner of the home is considered an applicant; and"...

In Malaysia the rules of housing purchases for foreigners present an interesting contrast, with some protection for the locals:

"Houses built on Malay reserved land can only be purchased by Malays. Thirty percent of each housing project is to be reserved for Bumiputra purchasers who enjoy 5% to 8% discount on the purchase price."

Secondly, interestingly, what Australians would call racist terms:

"As a guide (and this applies to all categories of Foreigners) here are some of the factors that Lenders look out for:
(i) Country of origin with a preference for developed Countries."

The response from your member does not indicate how Australian law can permit a licence to a company (Mirvac) that will use $13,000 Australian grants to buyers in Kuala Lumpur to attract new buyers, with the obvious impact of such an advertisement on our housing crisis, population growth, and tax-use ethics.

"“That's one of the things we don't realise about Australia - we're not just a great immigration country, but we're a great emigration country,” Professor Graeme Hugo, the head of The Australian Population and Migration Research Centre at the University of Adelaide, said.

Professor Hugo says it's time the Federal Government focuses more on stemming the stampede abroad, rather than trying to keep the migrants out."

Uh, what?? Since when are they trying to keep migrants out? Every state government invites them from government websites. Surely Hugo knows this.

"“The increase in cost of living in Australia may be one of the factors which is encouraging some people to go back. I think a lot go back because they miss that interaction with family, and also lifestyle factors. You know things don't turn out quite as they expected they might,” Professor Hugo said."

quotes from "Migrants leaving Australia," January 25, 2012, 6:18 pm Adam Marshall Today Tonight