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Mass Slaughter of rhinos in South Africa

The mass slaughter of rhinos have continued in South Africa and with the indiscriminate
slaughter of more than 250 rhinos since January 2010 it can only be described as a
genocide; with all due respect to the human race. The slaughter has been fuelled by man’s greed and the recent arrests of various prominent business men, professional hunters and game farm owners have rocked South African communities.

The manager of a well-known game farm called Maremani in the Mussina district and
owned by the AAGE. V. Jensen Charity Foundation Mr. Tommie Fourie (52) have systematically been de-horning rhinos on the property and selling the horns. He appeared in the court in Mussina on the 1st November on charges of the illegal rhino horn. It is alleged that he sold 36 rhino horns to a prominent game farmer in the Thabazimbi area Mr. Jacques Els (36).

Els handed himself over to the authorities and was released on bail of R30 000.00. He
was also charged for the illegal trade in rhino horns. He admitted that he also dehorned some of his own rhinos without the necessary permits. When he was asked about the alleged sale of rhino horn between him and Fourie, he denied this vehemently.
I only held onto someone’s horns for them. He reiterated that he was not involved in the illegal poaching of rhinos.

Earlier the owner of a safari operator, his wife and a professional hunter are alleged to
be some of the masterminds arrested and taken into custody for rhino poaching.

Mr. Dawie Groenewald (42) a director of Out of Africa Adventurous Safaris in Polokwane Limpopo South Africa and the alleged master mind behind the poaching syndicate, his wife Sariette (34) and Tielman Erasmus a professional hunter all spent a couple of day behind bars before they were released on bail.

They were arrested on the 20th September along with Drs. Carel Toet and Manie du
Plessis of the Nylstroom Animal Clinic and Toet’s wife Marisa.

Source: newsletter, October, 2010 San Wild

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I hate what Dawie Groenewald represents. Whatever his sentence - it is not enough.

Suspects du Preez and Maluleka will join Dawie Groenewald, veterinarian Karel Toet, and nine other people in court on April 11th, 2011, to face charges of assault, fraud, corruption, malicious damage to property, illegal possession of firearms and ammunition, and contravening the National Environmental Management Biodiversity Act.
The masterminds behind South Africa's growing rhino poaching scandal could find themselves blacklisted internationally and banned from working in conservation ever again.
Multiple charges have been brought against this group, including racketeering, money laundering, various counts of theft, malicious damage to property and contraventions of the various provincial Conservation Acts and the Aviation Act.
Rhinos are under siege, due to the demand from China and Vietnam for illegal rhino horn in traditional medicines. However, rhino horn has been scientifically tested and proven to have no medicinal value.
The pair will return to the dock in April next year with Groenewald and 10 other accomplices. Investigators have also been collecting evidence at Groenewald’s Limpopo farm.
Investigators believe the game farm owner was buying up to 100 rhino a year and but was not able to account for many of these animals.

Co-Owner of Out of Africa Safaris lives in Autaugaville, Alabama, USA. His name is Yanaman Groenewald. Ironically, he has a personalized tag which says "ProHunt". He seems to enjoy days of golfing...still showing his face. What a shame that people become filled with such greed that they have to butcher innocent animals to enhance their already very comfortable lifestyles. May God have mercy on all involved. If there is a such thing as Rhino hell, these offender will surely occumpany them one day. What a shame! There are reports of his wife and father in-law being involved in the Rhino butcherings. The father-n-law is the owner of a gun shop in Autaugaville, Alabama. There is an entire room of legal and illegal mounts in the father-n-law's "trophy room". Someone needs to investigate the involvment of US citizens in the killings. There are many participants in the Rhino Deaths. May they all face justice!!