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Kelvin Thomson: Simultaneous Global Population Speak-out Forums throughout Australia on 7 May 2010

Kelvin Thomson MHR, Federal Member for Wills, is holding a Population Reform Forum at a breakfast at the Zoo on 7 May 2010. These forums are being held at the same time all round Australia. Please note that the Melbourne Forum has been so popular that it is booked out and there is a waiting list! I mention this in case anyone is still thinking of attending.

Here is an amusing piece from Suzanne Carbone of the Age Melbourne Life Postcode 3000. I have attached Jill Quirk's cartoon of the elephant in the room.

"The Age 27 April 2010


The Elephants Will Be In A Room Nearby

FEDERAL MP Kelvin Thomson, Dick Smith and Sustainable Population Australia have teamed up to hold simultaneous population forums across Australia on May 7. Debating the nation's population boom, projected to be 36 million mouths to feed by 2050, is no longer the elephant in the room. Funny about that because back in 2008, Sustainable Population Australia's president, Jill Quirk, drew a cartoon with an elephant in a room with "Population" written on it. On May 7, Thomson will lead the breakfast forum with brainiac Barry Jones in Melbourne, and Smith will be in Sydney. In a quirky coincidence, the Melbourne forum is being held in Melbourne Zoo's Trail of the Elephants precinct, the Bong Su room to be exact. Bong Su is the male Asian elephant who was instrumental in increasing the elephant population with female elephant Dokkoon. They're the proud parents of big baby Mali."

Julianne Bell
Protectors of Public Lands Victoria Inc


I can't believe I'm going to miss out on this forum at the Zoo in the Bong Su Room - I'm actually relatively close by too ~ staying in Melbourne City with my youngest son this week... I wish I'd seen the messages about this event earlier.. although Sheila Newman had sent me an email late April...

Keep me posted anyway.. : (