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Topher's Unpopular View - Brumby's North South Pipeline

Topher (Chris Field ) gives both barrels to John Brumby and Tim Holding's very CLEVER North - South pipeline. "We have an un-elected premier building a pipeline we voted against which takes water from people who dont have any and pipes it to a city that has other ways of getting more water cheaper."


Plugger here. Our group ‘Plug the Pipe’ is the agri-environmental group trying to stop the north south pipeline. This pipeline will remove water from the Murray River and rural communities and pump it to Melbourne in a time of extreme crisis. The North South Pipeline will connect a further 4 million people to the Murray. Every non labor political party is opposed to is construction. Independent Nick Xenophon, the Coalition and the Greens have been most supportive of our cause. It is probably a story in itself to have this sort of unity about such a contentious issue.

A young film maker from Melbourne (Christopher Field ) has taken it upon himself to research and produce a YouTube video highlighting our cause from a rural perspective. The video is funny, clever and hard hitting. If you enjoy this clip, then please pass it on.


United Nations water adviser Maude Barlow criticised Victoria's plan to take water from the river system to Melbourne via the north-south pipeline as the "worst thing" the Brumby Government could do! However, the same could also be said about their plans for Wonthaggi's desalination plant.

1.2 million tonnes of greenhouse gases will be emitted each year once it starts boosting Melbourne's water supply. Any off-setting of greenhouse gas emissions with wind-power is just tokenism!

The plant will take in 480 billion litres of seawater and pump back 280 billion litres of saline concentration each year. The effect of this pollution on the marine environment and biodiversity is being ignored, and the tides will not be as efficient in washing it away as proposed.

The locals in Wonthaggi have not had any say about this development and a pristine beach will be lost.

The cost of the plant will be passed onto consumers, with soaring water costs. Water should be a basic necessity and right, not a luxury item. Our Brumby Government speaks of “sustainable” developments, but it is all green-washing!

The Australian Bureau of Statistics recently projected that Australia's population could rise to 42 million people by 2050, with Melbourne and Sydney both reaching nearly 7 million people each. This could mean our coastlines could be dotted by various desalination plants unless we become truly sustainable!