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One year later: no explanation from Queensland Health for falsified fluoridation data

Media Release from Merilyn Haines, spokesperson for Queenslanders For Safe Water , Air and Food Inc and Independent candidate for South Brisbane

One year anniversary and Qld Health ethical standards unit has still not explained falsified data

It is exactly one year now since the Crime and Misconduct Commission advised that Queensland Health would respond in "due course" in regard to evidence presented to the CMC that Queensland Health had falsified tooth decay data used by Premier Bligh to justify forced fluoridation.

When Anna Bligh announced on 5th Dec 2007 that she had made the decision that fluoridation was to be forced on Queenslanders, she used graphed data comparing tooth decay in Townsville children to Brisbane children. The data was from 1991 and showed a difference then of 2 less decayed teeth in Townsville's children compared to Brisbane children. The data was also sent to some MPs and through this access, it was discovered that Queensland Health had exaggerated tooth decay data used by changing the units from teeth surfaces to teeth. Instead of a difference of 2 baby teeth out of 28 baby teeth in a child's mouth, the difference was only 2 tooth surfaces out of 128 tooth surfaces in a child's mouth.

Queensland Health also had access to data on permanent teeth which showed very little difference , but chose to only use baby teeth data and then exaggerated that by falsely changing the units.

Queensland Health did however use some tooth decay data from permanent teeth in children when newspaper advertisements were placed across Queensland claiming that Townsville children had 65 % less tooth decay than Brisbane children, but they did not disclose that the 65% difference related to an absolute average difference of only 0.2 tooth surfaces out of 128 tooth surfaces.

Queensland Health also chose to ignore data from 2000, 2001 and 2002 which showed that Townsville children had more tooth decay than children from the North Brisbane , the Gold Coast , Wynnum, Rockhampton and several other non fluoridated areas of Queensland.

This was all explained to the Premier and the Health Minister in a meeting with them on 12 Feb 2008, but they pushed ahead and forced fluoridation on Queenslanders regardless, while changing the Legislation to remove all liability.

Over the last year repeated calls have been made for an explanation as to why Queensland Health bureaucrats exaggerated tooth decay, ignored relevant data showing no benefit, and also illegitimately dismissed evidence of the risk of Osteosarcoma bone cancer in teenage boys with water fluoridation.

Verbal advice from the Ethical Standards Unit just prior to announcement of State Election was that the Ethical Standards Unit was "almost" in a position to respond. It appears that even after a year, Queensland Health is having difficulty explaining it's actions.

Unethical forced fluoridation based on falsified and exaggerated tooth decay is one of the reasons why Merilyn Haines has nominated as an Independent candidate in South Brisbane, Anna Bligh's own seat. The issue of forcing people to drink recycled water sourced from sewage is another, as is the planned of the Royal Children's Hospital.

Contact: Merilyn Haines mobiles 0418 777 112 and 0403 029 077
See also web site of Queenslanders For Safe Water , Air and Food Inc at

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For years I thought that the anti-fluoridation campaigners were crackpots.
Because I believed Australian governments which seemed to be quoting incontrovertible authorities.
Now, somewhat older and wiser, I have much less faith in government and finally read the contrary literature.
I now have the attitude that almost anything that Australian governments say is probably a lie, and usually to make someone money - whilst costing the rest of us, not just money, but maybe our teeth, maybe our lives.

I don't know what is behind this push to fluoridate Queensland water, but I do know that it is unnecessary, resisted, and probably dangerous.

Sometimes I wish there was a safe country to flee to from the corrupt, callous and cruel place my country has become.


The reason for fluoride is to dumb us down and make us less resistant to authority. This tactic was used by the Nazis in concentration camps and in Soviet Russia to stop rebellions. True, look it up.

I am strongly against fluoridation because it is demonstrably harmful to a significant minority in our community and probably bad for the rest of us, and the claims made of its benefits for our teeth appear not to be backed up with any strong evidence. To the contrary, it has been shown to be harmful to some people's teeth.

However, I would not go so far as to claim that "fluoride is to dumb us down and make us less resistant to authority" until I see solid evidence.

I wouldn't dispute that they are attempting to do this to a lot of us, but I suggest they are using other means to achieve this.

Why would we need fluoride to dumb us down when we already have the Murdoch press?

I received this e-mail just now. - JS

I used to have troubles with stomach (such as food poisonings) in some places overseas, sometimes, due to low standards of food and water there.

I have never had any problems like that in Australia, which had high standards of food and water.

Not until December 2008.

Then one evening (I think it was around 20th December), I felt the pain in the right side of the stomach.

(Maybe that's the gallbladder, I don't know.)

I couldn't sleep the whole night. The pain was persistent.

In the morning, to my horror, I noticed the water in the glass was white. (I didn't pay attention the last night.)

I knew it was a high concentration of some chemical additive, like chloride or something else.

Then I got the local newspapers (Gold Coast Sun), with an article about the water plant doing "testing" for the adding fluoride,

... which was going to be permanently added from the 1st of January.

Obviously, they started with high levels and then brought them down, as water was getting less white during the following days.

My brain protested by coming up with the song about "white water".

Really bad New Year present for me.

From whom?

Then I did Internet research and found about Anna's "scientific" "executive decision".

She said, 'a Smart State cannot ignore the extensive scientific evidence that shows fluoridation is the missing link in Queensland’s oral health system.'

"There will be no referendum, no discussions, no debate - the Gold Coast will have fluoride introduced into its water supply from next year."

Bligh; "It is time to stop being superstitious and to look at the science. It is compelling evidence that fluoride works. All of the nonsense about fluoride making you glow in the dark belongs to the Queensland of the last century.

This is a modern state, this a state based on science, this is a state where we are going to put children first."


The nonsense?

I have felt permanent pain in the same area of my stomach since December 2008.

Is that the nonsense?

I sense it very well.

I started buying bottled water, but it seems that I cannot escape the fluoride one, which is in all juice drinks, cans, etc.

I cannot measure how smart Anna's state is. And how "scientific" it is.

But my stomach made its "executive decision"; her smart state is not going to be my state.

I am not superstitious at all.

Fluoride "worked" for me - not by making me glow, but by giving me a permanent stomach pain.

From her "nonsense" language I realised; that person was not capable of running a primary school class (-

it's a hard job, I know).

Let alone something bigger.

She's rather blind than bligh, to be in any position of making significant decisions.

And she's in the position to make despotic decisions of forcing a poison onto millions of people.

A wonder how she got there.

(I suspect that Peter got carried away with her personal charm.)

So I changed the 'white water' song into "Made by Anna Blind" and changed 'white water' phrase into 'dry


to make it more interesting and funny, and more of a general appeal.

I see that many people are protesting about the water, as well as about other signs of her incompetency and


(such as a forced redrawing of councils).

I thought that one sweet funny song (with the tough angry tail) could be an effective contribution.

Something people would like to hear (and could easily absorb), possibly more than to read bitter rational


It's easy for Anna to access the masses and put her view in their heads; she has all ways to make her story

heard - all media attention, web teams, huge advertising panels on main roads, etc.

But from the bottom, it is hard to be heard.

So I appeal to you, and others whom you know, to spread the songs in these few days left.

(Both songs, as one was made for those who prefer a sweeeeet sound, and the other for those who prefer a

tough sound.)>

Thank you


The scrutinize over fluoride is to dummied up us homeless again commence us less hardy to authority. This device was used by the Nazis reputation concentration camps besides in Soviet Russia to stop rebellions. True, look it up.

Humans are exposed to tens of thousands of chemicals all the time, why pick on fluoride? Fringe literature against fluoride has no validity because its claims are unverified. Emotive posturing and cherry picking of unverified 'facts' are poor substitutes for critical thinking and boring old evidence.

I'd be more worried about the long term effects of endocrine disruptors in our food chain.

If you want pure water, run it through a drum of crushed charcoal and sand - simple.

Has anyone else bought those incredibly cheap 300g Dental Pro toothpastes they're selling in Coles supermarkets lately? They are in huge red tubes with big white tops.
I got two for a dollar each.

But then I read the fine print - well, not all that fine; it's in screaming capitals on the side.
(But how many people read what's written on their toothpaste tubes, apart from the brand name?)

"Dental Pro Big Red Jumbo toothpaste
provides you and your family with a complete oral hygiene solution. A triple protection
formula to help prevent tooth decay and gum problems. Plus enhanced fluoride protection for healthier gums and stronger teeth.

Do not use this product on children six years of age or less."

Active ingredients:
Sodium Fluoride - 0.22%, 0.1% as F
(1000 ppm as F)

I rest my case.
(And I only kept one to tell people about.)

We all get this stuff in our water already. I'm a nurse and I haven't noticed any reduction in cavities since they started putting it in the water in Victoria, decades ago. The children of the poor still have rotten teeth.

I tell you what, though, after I read the fine print on this Big Red Jumbo Dental Pro, I looked for a non-fluoride toothpaste. I found only one brand at the supermarket: "Grants of Australia, Herbal and mineral toothpaste - No Sugar, no fluoride, no Aluminium, No Sodium Lauryl Sulphate. Calcium, Potassium, Phosphorous, Magnesium, Sodium.
Manufactured in Australia by Lateral Food Corporation Pty.Ltd. Oakleigh, Victoria.

No warnings against swallowing it. Probably means it isn't harmful. It seems to clean my teeth.

Salt can be used to clean teeth. I mix fine salt with bi-carb soda and this seems to work well too.

Fluoride is an endocrine disruptor, retard.

2006 US National Research Council report Fluoride in Drinking Water: A Scientific Review of EPA's Standards
p 223 "In summary, evidence of several types indicates that fluoride affects normal endocrine function or response; the effects of the fluoride-induced changes vary in degree and kind in different individuals. Fluoride is therefore an endocrine disruptor in the broad sense of altering normal endocrine function or response".

Obvious, isn't it? A foreign substance is introduced into our precious bodily fluids without the knowledge of the individual. Certainly without any choice. That's the way your hard-core Commie works.