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The real cause of Victoria's raging bush fires

As the nation reels at the massive loss of life, human and animal, property and bushland, due to fires and extreme temperatures, isn't it time to reflect on how we are responsible?

While it is convenient to blame 'climate change', greenies and arsonists, let's look at how each one of us created this.

First of all livestock farming - we cut down trees which shade the land so it's not so dry in order to grow grass for cattle and sheep. These hard-hoofed animals compact the soil while pulling up the roots, eventually leaving the legacy of deserts. So then more trees have to be felled to grow more grass for livestock, and so the cycle goes until we get to the point where now over 60% of our original forests have been felled, mainly for livestock and of course human habitat. And we wonder why it's hotter and drier?

Secondly, we wipe out kangaroos without thinking about how beneficial they are for the ecosystem. Did you know that kangaroos eat dry grasses and thereby prevent bush fires? And they help to regenerate native grasses which would otherwise go extinct? Kangaroos are being driven to the tipping point of extinction ( ) along with the rest of our native animals. We think we ‘own’ the earth and it’s animals and are unable to live in harmony with the original inhabitants.

And now we are paying the price. If you want a future for the planet, become vegan. It's the single most important thing you can do. Go to and request a free starter vegetarian kit.