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Britain Down The Drain — Paul Craig Roberts

Did you know that Great Britain is going down the drain because the citizens want to remain British?

Did you know that the British are inherently racist, jingoistic, bigots, and obnoxious because they don't want to become Pakistanis, Syrians, Africans or some multicultural combination?

Did you know that the British people voted to leave the European Union not because they oppose their loss of sovereignty to a foreign and unelected power in Brussels, but because of their hatred and contempt of foreigners, especially the dark-skinned ones that the EU forces them to accept in unlimited numbers?

If you don't know this, you are not stupid like Brian Cloughley, who lays it out for you in the website Here is the URL for Cloughley's imbecillic article:

Britain Going down the Drain: Racism and Bigotry Are Growing (21/11/16) | Strategic Culture.[1]

While Cloughley calls the white British racists, last May these racists elected a Muslim, Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London. Can you imagine the Mayor of London, England, is a Muslim named Sadiq Khan? Either the British are not racists or the Pakistanis outnumber Englishmen in London, which might before long be renamed New Islamabad.

Cloughley calls the British people every name in the book and then upbraids them for "the racial abuse" of using words such as "Pakis" and "niggers."

Cloughley, obviously a self-hating Britisher, reports that Brexit (the British people's vote to restore their sovereignty by departing the EU) has caused hate crimes to rise by 41 percent. Why would departing the EU cause a rise in hate crimes?

Perhaps the answer is related to the fact that the use of traditional British words, such as "wog," has been criminalized. "Wog" is a British word that according to the English Oxford Dictionaries means simply "a person who is not white."[2] [3] Despite this innocent meaning, for a white Britisher to use this word as a description of a not white person or group can result in hate crime charges. What is most peculiar about politically correct speech is that political correctness itself marginalizes non-white people by eliminating the use of words that mean non-white. Political correctness has made it so shameful to be non-white that ordinary words such as negro and wog that mean a non-white person have been turned into slurs. How can non-whites have racial pride when words that mean non-white cannot even be used?

As Cloughley's screed against the British people develops, we see that it is a brief against leaving the EU. As the EU was an OSS (original name of the CIA) initiative, Cloughley, knowingly or unknowingly, is serving as a CIA asset.

Cloughley is at perfect ease calling his fellow British every hateful name, seemingly impervious to the fact that if he were not calling white people names he would be committing hate crimes.

In addition to their loss of sovereignty to an unelected EU commission sitting in a foreign country, what the British people are objecting to is that they have been made second class citizens in their own country. White people in Great Britain have to be very careful about what words they use to describe illegal and legal aliens or they can be charged with "hate crimes" for employing vocabulary formerly used by prime ministers themselves.

Yes, Britain is going down the drain. But not because it is trying to rescue itself at this late date from loss of sovereignty and multicultural hell. Britain is going to hell because, judging by the closeness of the Brexit vote, almost half of the British population have been so brainwashed that they are ashamed to be British.

This article was previously published 28/11/2016 on It was initially republished only in part here on 28/11/2016, but, now, with the author's kind permission, has been re-published in full.


[1] In spite of its publication of this ridiculous article, Strategic Culture also publishes insightful and informative articles about many of the world's current geopolitical conflicts.

[2] NOTE (by author, Paul Craig Roberts): I have been reminded from England that WOG stands for Worthy Oriental Gentlemen, a term imposed by British officers on uncouth troops to stop them from using racist names for colonized peoples.

[3] (by Candobetter editor): It is some years since I have heard the term 'wog' used, but, in my own experience in Australia, and not in Great Britain, back in the 1960s and 1970's, contrary to what the author has written, 'wog' was considered an offensive and racist term. However, like Paul Craig Roberts, I consider it outrageous that the use of the term should be criminalised.


Fancy the British not wanting to be overwhelmed by Pakistanis, and other foreign cultures? They must be evil and "racist" to be so insular and so patriotic. To be proud of your own country and culture is now "bigoted", or "racist"! The British have a fine and long history of beating off invasions, from the Vikings, the Scots/English borders, the Spanish, French, Roman Catholicism, and the Germans in the Battle of Britain. Why should they surrender now to open-borders in Europe? Are they meant to be Multicultural, and surrender their country to all the other cultures of the world, with mass immigration? Europe is in turmoil, and hardly an example of what other countries to follow!

Mark Twain said "History may not repeat, but it sure does rhyme".

I remarked to a colleague at work some months back, much to his dismay, that human beings have been tribalist and in-group oriented throughout all of history, and that it is only wishful thinking and vanity which makes is think that we are the first generation which has somehow "overcome" this. History reverts to a mean, and this experiment will end. He lamented a week or two later, I think after Brexit, that I was indeed right. The world (at least just the West), is reverting to the norm.

All we can chose is whether that return is peaceful and happens democratically, or violent. As the PC establishment is seeking to deny the democratic, political reversion, violence it is.

Thats all there is to it. Even 'anti-racism' is one in-group seeking to destroy a perceived out-group. I realised during my Uni years that the most committed to tolerance where just as bad as the racists, and worse.

There is no 'one world' pot of gold at the end of the multicultural rainbow society. Only competition for space, power, position and supremacy. The only real choice is which side you are going to take.

This is why White people voted from Trump, and are turning to the far-right. All political power problems result in some resolution, and the problem is who is going to have power in the new world.

Just wait until Europeans en-masse begin to realise the nature of whats been happening the last 50 years. I don't think there is a bottom to this.

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Johnson defended his plan to withdraw Britain from the European Union on Oct. 31, with or without a separation agreement with the EU. “I say it is time to get Brexit done,” Boris declared, accusing his opponents of trying to frustrate the will of the people, who in 2016 voted 52% to 48% to leave the EU.

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Editor's note: Much of the alternative newsmedia has evidently swallowed the hysterical denunciation of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson's supposed trampling of Britain's Democratic institutions by proroguing the UK Parliament. They ignore the fact that the anti-Brexit pro-Remain UK Parliament has voted down PM Boris Johnson's motion to dissolve the British Parliament and call a general election! Evidently the Remain majority of the UK parliament, who are posturing as defenders of democracy fear the verdict of the British people.

The remain lot are prepared to do anything to stay in the EU, except go to election. Yes, it is obvious that they fear an election and that Boris does not. Fascinating how the British corporate newsmedia carried massive criticisms of Boris's language and totally ignored the language used by the Remainers to attack him. Nigel Farage's radio program provides really interesting analysis of the state of play in Britain. Check it out at Actually, I found Boris's speech quite courageous and impressive. I don't like his scabrous foreign policies, but Theresa May and all the remainers would have the same ones.