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Sanders Corp/Avril Group horrible farm-animal experiments - Europe

France: The Animal Protection Society and the Vegan Movement L214 revealed on Thursday 20 June 2019 new pictures taken in the first private Sourches European centre for research into nutrition of animals, in Saint-Symphorien, in Sarthe. We can see, notably, cows with portholes into their stomachs and chickens that are so heavy that they can hardly stand. The centre belongs to the Sanders Corporation, a leader in France in animal feed and an associate of the Avril group.

"The photos from this inquiry show cows with fistulars - their stomach is perforated by a hole 15cm in diameter - for the purpose of studying their digestion, says the society. The cows are forced to live shut inside a building with concrete floors, without straw, in their own excretions. L214 further equally decries the living conditions of hens which 'are unable to stand due to their constantly increasing growth.'" The society also blows the whistle on pigs, rabbits and baby chickens 'kept in cages that are empty of any comfort, whilst young calves are kept in separate stalls with opaque walls."

These cows produce five times the amount of milk daily that normal cows would produce. This destroys their skeletons by depleting calcium.

Information and pictures taken from text and videos at[vaches-a-hublot-poulets-incapables-de-marcher-l214-revele-les-pratiques-d-un-laboratoire-de-recherche-dans-la-sarthe-et-porte-plainte_3498585]-20190620-[bouton]


I don't think these experiments can be justified on any grounds. "Intelligent life"is right here on Earth and we treat it like rubbish!