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Bombing in Syria not the way to peace in Syria - Julie Bishop reckless

Bombing not the answer for peace in Syria, rather a dangerous mistake - Independent and Peaceful Australia Network. Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop’s reckless support for a military strike by the US in Syria demonstrates Australia’s lack of independence in its foreign policy.

IPAN spokesperson Mr Stephen Darley said, “Surely it is clear that any military exchange between Russian and US forces threatens a dangerous widening of the conflict and the lives of millions.

The Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons has accepted an invitation from the Syrian government to inspect the region where an alleged chemical weapon attack occurred demonstrating a willingness to support its claim they had not conducted such an attack.

The video showing children being hosed down allegedly from a chemical weapons attack needs to be investigated. Any chemical attack is an inhumane and illegal act, requiring the strongest condemnation.

If there is proof that chemical weapons have been used in Syria, regardless of who was behind it, then there needs to be serious consequences in the international court of justice where crimes against humanity are legitimately dealt with.

What is clear is that a bombing assault on sites in Syria is neither legal, effective nor acceptable. The risks of even more innocent people suffering death, injury and destruction of homes and the risk that a major powers war could ensue is being recognised internationally.

Mr Darley is calling on the Foreign Minister and the Prime Minister to clearly reject the proposed missile attack and instead be a voice of reason in calling for all non-military means possible to be adopted to resolve the conflict.

This press release was issued two days before Mr Trumps attack of today.

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Stop Bombing Syria
Don’t believe Trump’s Lies about SYRIA!
Trump and Big Oil want
a new war in the Middle East.

The largest U.S./NATO military mobilization since the 2003 invasion of Iraq has moved into position off the coast of Syria, including U.S. nuclear aircraft carriers and nuclear submarines. The bombing of Damascus is underway. Trump and the Pentagon's criminal attack on Syria endangers us all.

Already tens of thousands have died in U.S. effort to overturn the Syrian government. This U.S. attack could lead to World War III.

With no legal authority - and in clear violation of international law - the Trump Administration has started its criminal attack on the people of Syria. It is urgent for all of us express our strong opposition to another US war.

Join hundreds of antiwar and social justice groups that are are organizing demonstrations in New York City, Oakland, CA, and dozens of other cities across the country this weekend, April 14 and 15 against the US bombing of Syria and opposing endless U.S. wars.

All organizations are urged to make an all-out effort to contact friends and activists through social media and other means.

Join actions this weekend and mobilize to oppose this criminal war.

See for a list of actions this weekend. If there is not one near you- organize one!
See for a list of actions this weekend. If there is not one near you, organize one

There is local couple in my area who are from Syria. I asked them on Thursday night what they thought about the situation over there. They said it made no sense for Assad to use chemical weapons, and they did not believe it. They talked about the weapons of mass destruction claim of the Bush administration used to justify attacking Iraq, and questioned how anyone could believe the USA on such matters any more.

I just remembered - they also talked about how when in Syria they saw bodies taken from somewhere - perhaps a morgue, I am not sure - and deliberately placed in areas where it was alleged attacks took place - i.e the evidence was deliberately - and blatantly - planted, for whatever reason.

Yes, there is so much evidence of a gross externally funded conspiracy, repeated again and again in the Middle East. The Russians have worked out what happened, as I report here: We are really being shown in the clearest of terms that our leaders - here in Australia, and throughout the western world - have similar values and mores to the worst medieval princes.

Sheila is obsessed with Syria and this site has become better and better over the years on Syria. . Special ticks for carrying latest video of independent Fox show commentator.
[ editor: I have edited the remainder for legal reasons and restated it thus:]
But if population is the big issue underlying everything, then we need to raise the global death rate to 80m per year, just in order to stabilise the current appalling level of our human plague.

David Z Hughes has just expressed what many people think, but most do not express. I know David. He is a brilliant engineer and he thinks through social conundrums with an engineering approach. He is a very warm person, who once sent me a card from his factory cat, and with a left-field sense of humour based on pure logic that can take your breath away, but when he is analysing a people problem in the abstract, he comes out with stuff that ignores human social constraints and therefore shocks them. I grew up with an engineer and engineers run our terrible overpopulation and planning program in Australia on the same sort of logic. They sort of accept the way people are presented as economic units and behave as if we people also accept that. So they foist smart cities on us and think we will like it because they have some hypothesis that it will make us more valuable or less costly economic units, which they confuse with virtue. [Edit: Sorry, did not mean to imply that David is a growthist, more that he has an engineering way of ignoring social constraints.]]

I made those comments above just to let you know a bit the way I think David thinks and to introduce my response to the statement he has made about increasing the global death rate. I wish I had all day to write this, but actually it is part of my third book on the subject.

Humans, like all other animals and plants, once tended to live in viscous populations. (Biological term, look it up). Many still do. These populations or societies have a default of (a) marrying within themselves within the constraints of incest avoidance and marriage rules (b) observing incest avoidance rules and marriage rules (kinship rules) that vary according to the carrying capacity of their local traditional territory, (c) discouraging marriage and therefore children between members of the population who lack land and assets sufficient to raise children without impoverishing the community or themselves. The smaller the population, the smaller the marriage and fertility opportunities. It is quite normal for people to live and die without a partner, whilst enjoying roles as aunties and uncles. In other animals there is often a delay or non-event of sexual maturation where fertility opportunities are not present. Or sexual behaviour may simply not arise.

WAR: When war happens, it knocks out established marriage rules, kinship rules and structures, killing off spouses and giving people from another population fertility opportunities they would not have had before. This occurs through widows remarrying, through rape, through young people who would have found no one unmarried of their age, or of suitable station, now exposed to an invading population or to a new host population as refugees and other kinds of immigrants. The melding of the invaders with the invaded, or migrants with the host population, becomes a permanent new population,which may become bigger than the original with a higher fertility structure. You can reexpress this by saying that the quality of endogamy in the viscosity of the people in the place was reduced by a wave of exogamy. (Depending on economic technology, the conquered may have their living spaces reduced as slaves or a lower caste, or work in factories - otherwise, in a subsistence society, the population for the area will come down to its original size.)

This process has happened over a couple of centuries in the Middle East, where colonialisation and its accompanying industrialisation have pushed viscous endogamous tribes/peoples together, thus destroying their viscosity and greatly raising their fertility. The same process has both caused and used wars to change patterns of settlement and economic distribution in favour of new classes. Industry also encourages high marriage rates because it wants a lot of labour that is reliant on wages. We can see how this affects Australia.

Even if you completely wipe out a viscous population, as long as its territory is still viable, a new population will fill it with the associated increase in fertility opportunities associated with new land. UNLESS they have an ethos of NOT filling up new land - but currently these kinds of ethos are overwhelmed by the commercial imperative of capitalism which will leave no living scrap of earth unconcreted if it can.

This process is happening all over the world - but less in populations that live under Roman Law - notably those in continental Europe - because their inheritance and land-tenure system protects viscosity. Their identification as nations assists this. The European Union wants to destroy this viscosity and land-tenure.


Globalisation is a process of de-viscousing (or dissolving) our populations, and it causes many more fertility opportunities. To show this on a computer you would have to model a whole lot of discrete viscous populations (tribes) at some point, and start inserting events like global warming that reduced land availability and resulted in migrations, wars, takeovers, with the usual increased fertility opportunities. Eventually you would get to the 21st century, with the Australian property development industry overwhelming yet again the native born (now including many non-aboriginals) with new couples and fertility opportunities; US-NATO yet again pushing the peoples of the Middle East together by paying 'rebels' to chase them this way and that, rape them, kill their males and marry them; and Angela Merkel welcoming many new young unmarried males to Germany and the EU. This is how you get a world population with an average growth rate of maybe around 1.2, with growth lobbyists all trying to raise the rate, especially in Australia, US, NZ, UK, Africa, India, China and probably South & central America (haven't looked there lately).

You did mention Yemen in the original post that I edited. If the Saudis, financed by the countries of US-NATO using British, French and US supplied weapons, get their way, they will almost annihilate the Yemen population. Then the Saudis and others will move in to resettle. Those Yemenis who survive will be in a situation where there are many more fertility opportunities than previously. US-NATO will probably open up some factories or other slave opportunities and the surviving Yemenis will continue to survive through very low wage labour. They may have large families because there will not be child labour laws so each child will raise the family income which otherwise would be stuck. We will be told that the Yemenis are finally 'developing' (uggh! hate that term) but that they have an overpopulation problem, which will require education of females and the eventual use of contraception.

The only reason you hear more about Syria here than about Yemen is that we just don't have enough hands to type with! We are well aware of the immense tragedy, and in that tragedy, I include the political fallout of population structure destabilisation.

I don't approve of what is happening in the Middle East or in Australia. I wish it would all stop, but war is going to make it worse. IMHO and my scientific opinion.

What do you think, David?

From Sara Flounders:

There is great enthusiasm that over 1,000 rallied on April 15 at Herald Square, NYC on a cold, damp day.
Impressive list of speakers from almost 40 organizations represented countries and struggles targeted by US imperialism, along with social justice, union, community, youth and antiwar organizations. Several groups of drummers. including Indigenous drummers and Korean drummers helped keep the rally moving.
A very spirited rally opposing ALL US wars and solidarity with peoples under attack.

Then several hundred marched to Trump Tower.
March was led by Syrian, Yemeni, Palestinian, Korean and Puerto Rican activists with their flags, drums and signs.
For a view of a diverse multi national coverage and stream of March, front banner of March and rally all good visuals see links sent by Julie Varughese:

Check out our Twitter moment containing photos and videos:

​Facebook livestream of the march from Herald Square to Trump Tower in New York City: ​