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ABC's brash exclusion of political alternatives from view

This short article around a letter from Bob Couch, records how the ABC spontaneously contacted a candidate for an alternative political party to tell him that the ABC would not give him any time to talk about his policies. The candidate had not approached the ABC, they approached him. has run a few articles about how the ABC excludes candidates outside the major parties and we are running this story because the issue is so important. The ABC should be informing Australians of all the political alternatives out there so that we can really choose people who will represent us on issues of concern. See also and

The decision by the ABC to allow Zaky Mallah to appear on Q and A has attracted much criticism (Advertiser 25/6 and 26/6)). This has been defended by the ABC on the grounds it needs to represent a diversity of views.

I ran as a candidate for the Stop Population Growth Now Party in the SA Legislative Council general election last year. Barely had nominations closed , and before I had approached any media, I received a letter from the ABC informing me that I would not be granted any time on the ABC to explain our party policies.

I am a law abiding, loyal citizen who has lived in Australia all my life.
I have no criminal record. I was nominated by a legally registered political party (with over 300 members) to contest the Fisher by election.
I paid the $8000 expenses (nomination fee $3000, corflutes , how to vote cards etc $5000) out of my own pocket, as our party was low on funds.
Surely I deserved some consideration.

Yet the ABC sees fit to give national exposure to Mallah, who served two and a half years in jail for buying a gun, and threatening to kill ASIO officers.

I am forced to conclude that the ABC is not even handed, and does not properly represent diverse opinions.

Bob Couch

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We are selling off our schools to developers to build apartments and town-houses, in which will live more children.
In Victoria, Oakleigh South Primary School land will become 56 townhouses and up to 65 apartments.
Clayton West Primary School land will become almost twice the number of townhouses.
Monash Special Development School is planned to become 122 apartments in a 4-storey apartment building and 28 townhouses.
Five former school lots in Monash were sold by the State Government for $97 million last year.
The Monash Council is challenging the prevention of residents appealing to VCAT.

This is on top of former primary schools already sold.

This results in:
Children must travel to schools by car or public transport, making more traffic, more cost to families, less exercise for children, more carbon emissions, and bigger remaining primary schools which are less friendly for young children. Local communities cannot build up.

Dr Valerie Yule, Mount Waverley, Vic.3149

The policy of more houses, people and less schools is also active in Banyule. Nine schools have been closed in the last 20 years, and more in recent times. Banksia Secondary school has closed, to be come housing, and Haig Street is to become 118 units, all set to congest the narrow streets and overload services. It's doubtful they will even be able to get their rubbish collected if there is parking in the street too!
Of course the population will boom, and it will be hindsight knee-jerk reaction to find a site for new schools! No doubt the building of a new school will bring political ticks, at a cheap price!
It's an economic model based on housing growth, not on human welfare or maximizing human resources with skills and high educational standards. It's all to easy to source the skilled from overseas, through uncapped temporary migration and "skilled" migration! Why bother with education here in Australia? It's a cyclic enlargement of "skills shortages" as the more we import, the less that is spent on skill training and thus we are assured of more lack of skills! We are becoming a service industry nation, with limited skills needed. We are about warehousing humans in high rise towers and apartments, and profiting from storage.

This is probably also a move towards forcing people into private education.
The State school system was long Labor territory and the Libs and the Corporates like to reorganise the total education territory so that they can more easily influence it - in voting, religion and other ideologies.

I read today that our PM is actively working on a NZ type immigration pact with Singapore. ie unrestricted entry.

Is that because it has been so successful with NZ?

(500,000 people who won't go home.)

I suppose we will all get a say when the deal is done.