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Spinning the spin from Repco Rally Australia

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We have taken the promo video put on You Tube by the rally organisers and turned it into a more realistic rendition of what the rally really means for the Tweed Valley.

The reworked video is on You Tube. The link is

Update: The video has been removed by YouTube because the organisers of the World Rally races have claimed that it breaches their copyright. If it does breach copyright, they, nevertheless, could hardly complain that the removed video provides a less accurate depiction of how the rally will turn out than their own. - JS, 23 Apr 09.

The quality of the video is not great but thank You Tube for that. We have a DVD version and an mp4 version that will be used at the Tweed Shire Council meeting today. I am still trying to get a better version onto You Tube.

What you can do:

1. Watch the video on You Tube, leave a comment and rate the video
2. Attend the Tweed Shire Council meetings held on 26th May and especially 16 June (when the rally DA should be considered).
2. When the DA is lodged (approx. end April) make sure you make an objection.
3. Attend the planned protest march which will be held either on 26th May and/or 16 June to coincide with the Council meeting.
4. Get involved in the protest through No Rally Group [Tel: 0438 357 452 or (Email) no.rally[AT]]. Next meeting is at Uki on Sat 2 May at 12noon.
5. Sign our petitions to Tweed Shire Council and NSW Legislature (available at Caldera Environment Centre).

See also: Raceway through the Rainforest. Paradise lost! of 19 Apr 09.


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The video is no longer available through You Tube. I received a copyright infringement notice and as a result have removed the video.


Hi Macca,

There is a way around this, and it is an honest way.
I think that you could edit the content from the film you are criticising down to less than ten per cent of that film, then mix it in with your own critical film, which shows how the rally will actually drive through the natural areas it is using as a free showcase. Since your film would be educational you should be able to select parts - in effect quoting them - of the rally promotional film. If it were my educational film I would select the rapturous starts of the various scenes the rally promotional film depicts, as an introduction to your footage of car racing. Keeping them proportionately below ten percent of the original film and ten percent of your short production should keep you in the clear. As far as I know, any work not for profit may use material from a commercial product for educational purposes, as long as it does not use more than 10%.

You would have a shorter and more effective film.
To really cut things down, you could just use still-shots taken from the promotional rally film, and insert your fast car footage.

I would be interested to see the notice of infringement of copyright you received.

Sheila Newman, population sociologist

The only problem with the rally going ahead is the people complaining about it!

Its one weekend!!!! We aren't hosting a monthly event or even a yearly event. Its a one off, one weekend!
It will bring more tourists and therefore more money. During this bad time economically I don't think any business owner would reject the extra cash flow for that one weekend.
As for environmental issues.... Once again its one weekend! It wont cause a life time of damage to the area. If the wildlife move away from the noise, they will be back because it's not continuing. Changes aren't to be made to the road or surrounding areas to cater for this event. Once it's over everything will be back to normal. A few people may not be able to go anywhere that weekend because their roads may be cut off. I think that they are lucky, front row seats to a very exciting event.

The organisers of the rally, I feel have done a great job in the organisation of the upcoming rally. After speaking with rally organisers and listening to thier plans to the running of the rally. There is one instance that stood out, where a woman is due to give birth on that weekend and her street will be closed due to the event. The rally organisers have arranged a helicopter to airlift her to hospital if she does infact go into labor on that weekend. So they obviously have more concern than just the event itself.
Give them a break! They are bringing an enjoyable event that everyone can enjoy for the one weekend that it is here.

Do some real research and get a wide range of locals opinions.