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Kelvin Thomson responds to Clive Palmer Carbon Tax on renewable energy targets: 'Inconvenient truth' speech

(Video inside) Many environmentalists in Australia were delightedly gob-smacked when coal baron, Clive Palmer, appeared with Al Gore and spoke of supporting alternative energy funding and against the Abbott Government's plans to roll back policy. They will be equally delighted to hear Member for Wills, Kelvin Thomson's speech in parliament supporting renewable energy too, against the Abbott Government's plans. (Mr Thomson is also the creator of the 14 point population reform plan to stabilise Australia's population.)

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When: Sunday, 21 September
Meet at 10:30am for an 11am start
Where: Meeting outside Mr. Tulk Cafe, Latrobe St at the side of the State Library to march to the Treasury Gardens
What to wear: Blue T-shirt

This Sunday, as the world’s leaders meet in New York City for the United Nations climate summit, people around the world will rally to call on our elected leaders to take our climate crisis seriously. A rally has been organised to let the Australian delegation, and the world, know that we want rapid, concrete action to address global warming and restore a safe climate.

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