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The political sacrifice of Schapelle Corby

Evidential proof of every abuse documented in this film is available in the report and exhibit sections.
This compelling new hour long documentary demolishes a mountain of dishonest reporting by the Australian media. It also exposes ABC and other commentators, including supposed comedians, cruelly enjoying Corby's suffering. The latter include Paul McDermott and the Chaser. The essential facts of the case are presented in the first 3 minutes and are fully substantiated in the rest of the video.

In May 2005, an innocent woman was sentenced to 20 years in an Indonesian prison, after 4.2 kg of marijuana had been found in her luggage on arrival in Bali. However, her fate had been determined not in Bali, but in Canberra.

How a government wilfully withheld vital evidence from a court of law, deceived its public, orchestrated an unprecedented media campaign, and ruthlessly deployed its organs of state against one of its own citizens.

This is a frightening but entirely true narrative; a grotesque political horror story which is still unfolding today. It exposes what happens when an individual’s human rights conflict with strategic political need. It reveals the ruthless use of a government’s organs of state, and a regime of unprecedented opinion management, against a single working class woman and her desperate family.

It presents, and demonstrates, the crushing, pre-meditated, and often brutal acts which a western government is prepared to inflict upon a helpless citizen, in pursuit of political expediency.

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Schapelle Corby did not come from a conservative middle class family, but that doesn't make her guilty. She was condemned under a corrupt legal system in a third world country.

Now, she is officially a "convicted drug smuggler" and that means her guilt is affirmed!

There are no recorded weights of luggage before or after boarding the plane. There is no CCTV films of Corby's bag inspection, or her reaction. It's only the security guard's words against hers.

She admitted the bag belonged to her, but it was out of her hands during the transfers and the flight. The drugs were not checked for finger prints, or for the DNA to determine their origin.

The legal system in Indonesia relies on bribes, and corruption. The evidence was insufficient and inconclusive. Drugs are freely available in Bali.

It's as if the government needed a victim, an Australian, to set a precedent on drug smuggling, and Corby fit the profile.

Aid to Indonesia should end. They have a growing economy, and their poor living standards is due to overpopulation not lack of GDP.

Brisbane Times columnist Sam de Brito, like every other Australian mainstream journalist reporting on the latest developments in the case of which I have become aware, is repeating the lies and slander used to convict the innocent Schapelle Corby in 2005:

  • Schapelle labeled "the 36-year-old ganja queen";
  • "... it's only the Corbys and rusted-on nut-jobs that have proclaimed her innocence."

Sam de Brito's labeling of a woman, regarding whom there is no evidence, or even claim, of having used marijuana or any illicit drug before her trip to Bali in 2005, a "ganja queen" seems slanderous.

This otherwise misleading article contains a small hint of truth:

She was convicted of an idiotic crime that had us all shaking our heads asking "aren't you supposed to take drugs out of the third world?". (emphasis added)

Evidently de Brito was not motivated by the clear lack of motive for Schapelle's alleged crime to further question her conviction by the corrupt Indonesian legal system in July 2005 and the complicity of corrupt Australian governments and a corrupt newsmedia.

Had he done so, how could he have failed to notice the mountain of evidence which proves Schapelle's innocence?

It is astonishing how cruel the media are to this woman, who, as you say, has been convicted due to failure by the government of Australia to provide necessary evidence for her defense.

Given the general tolerance of cannabis use and trade in much of Australian society, it is also very strange that the media carry on this way, as if she had been accused [and convicted] of torture or murder or treason.

Comparable treatments by the Australian Press all seem to apply to women. Lindy Chamberlain and Prime Minister Julia Gillard come to mind (even though the PM was not accused of any crime.)

When you consider the rate of experimentation and usage of cannabis in Australia it is truly bizarre that Australians are not more tuned into the injustice here. Maybe, however, what we are seeing, is a sort of nasty smarty-pants attitude among journos et al, who would expect to get away with cannabis use and so hold anyone caught in contempt. However it actually seems likely that Schapelle Corby never even tried marijuana, let alone smuggled it - so this makes that contempt even harder to understand.

In the end, in the Australian Press, the lack of compassion, the utter fervour of cruelty in insults, failure to publish evidence, and publishing prejudicial and incorrect information at the time of Schapelle's trials and appeals, takes your breath away. It is like reading the ravings of Nazis.

"In the end, in the Australian Press, the lack of compassion, the utter fervour of cruelty in insults, failure to publish evidence, and publishing prejudicial and incorrect information at the time of Shapelle's trials and appeals, takes your breath away. It is like reading the ravings of Nazis."

Its more like a privatised flogging in the public square. And don't far too many of the yokels just love it to bits.

The more arcane horror inherent within this ritualised violence is the implicit message it sends to all and sundry to keep your head down and your feet in line lest you be the one next put into the stocks. The lustful media jocks and their conniving employers provide no access within their patterned attacks upon the maligned for appeal to truth and reason. What happened to journalism? Did it get a funeral?

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As Mecedes points out, Queensland Premier Campbell Newman gave $567,000 taxpayers money for the production of the recently broadcast tele-movie about Schapelle Corby which is not truthful and based on the testimony of a convicted criminal.