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Save the Catani Possums

Possum Wars - screened on ABC Sunday 15/12/2013 - featured Rheya Linden

Some time before the filming of "Possum Wars" the ABC posted this appeal to the public for stories about possums. See also : Possum Wars to air on ABC1.
You can watch Possum Wars on IView now at night around Australia, thousands of cute little native possums scamper across city rooftops seeking food and shelter in the great urban indoors that has tragically replaced the vast nurturing Australian forests. Forced out of their bush habitats by clearing and development, these brave marsupials must compete with noisy, destructive humans to survive in urban environments. "And when possums and people fight for real estate it’s war! Possum Wars lifts the lid on the private world of Australia’s most unwanted marsupial and its battle to survive in the big city." (ABC promotion for "Possum Wars," on Sunday, 15 December 2013)

Sadistic attacks on kangaroos at Morisset Hospital

The sadistic atrocities occurring against our indigenous inhabitants - kangaroos - at Morisset hospital is totally shameful and horrendous.  Why haven't these atrocities been stopped and the sadists captured?  It is disgraceful that the Morisset kangaroos have been slaughtered for years and the only people to help are a handful of wildlife volunteers.

A Place to die

High in the fork of the balding cypress tree, in a record heat wave on January 30th at 3.00pm Melbourne daylight saving time, the female possum was invisible to the people below sheltering from the sun in its sparse shade.

See also: "Victorian Government shows no mercy for fauna and flora in Melbourne's heatwave" of 30 Jan 09.

Victorian Government shows no mercy for fauna and flora in Melbourne's heatwave

In the worst run of hot days since 1908 there was NO water available to animals in Melbourne's iconic Treasury Gardens. An observer reported her distress as "parched birds staggered about with beaks open, wings dragging on the ground" with nothing at all to drink. Mind you, this park is right next door to the Victorian Parliament. Our government is absurd and its cruelty and contempt for life systems is becoming legendary.

See also: "A Place to die" of 31 Jan 09, comment The last of our urban wild life of 22 Jan 2011.

Community intervenes to save St Kilda's stranded possums

Community members last week stopped workers installing possum exclusion bands on trees in Catani Gardens Melbourne by occupying the work-site.

Port Phillip Mayor steps up possum kill in Catani Gardens

On Friday last, around lunchtime, a friend of Protectors of Public Lands Victoria Inc (PPL VIC) observed workers of CityWide (a contractor hired by Port Phillip Council) high up on a cherry picker in St Kilda's Catani Gardens. They appeared to be taking out a sleeping possum from a large "possum box" (read trap) installed 20 metres up in one of the giant cypress trees and were forcing it into a large white bag, obviously for disposal. This represents a new development in the saga of the Council's bid to exterminate the colony of tame possums, which have lived in the Gardens for 80 years, delighting residents, tourists, plus generations of Melburnians.

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