Political Philosophies

These pages are to promote discussion about the various political philosophies which make claims to be capable of solving all or some of humankind's problems. Whilst some such as Stalinist communism">1 and fascism appear to have been universally discredited, at least in societies where open critical discussion is still permitted, there can be no absolute guarantee against their resurgence, particularly amidst future looming crises driven by resource shortages. We believe that a coherent political philosophy, which accurately takes into account the finite physical reality of our planet">2 would help us to confont the looming crisis of humankind. One possible contender would be a combination of Malthusian and socialist ideas, notwithstanding the fact that at least one contributor sees such a concept as oxymoronic. However, it is important that we act now against all of the looming threats and not wait until such a useful guiding philosphy is completely formulated. We welcome your contribution to this discussion. Footnotes. " name="fn1" id="fn1">1.To be fair, many opponents of Stalin would dispute that 'communist' is an accurate label for the kind of society which existed in the Soviet Union or other similar regimes. " name="fn2" id="fn2">2. ... or the wider Universe for those who, like me, against the depressing experience of humankind's use of technology thus far, still hold out some hope for the expansion of human civilisation into space.