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Armistice Day, 90 years on our rights are in jeopardy.

Nov 11th, 2008, Armistice Day, 90 years on and our rights are in jeopardy.

Queenslanders Against Water Fluoridation media release, 11 Nov 2008

It is now 90 years since Armistice Day, the day set aside to remember World War 1, the War to end all Wars.

Over 330,000 Australians enlisted in World War 1 and 61,000 died, a further 150,000 were injured.

In World War 2, there were another 39, 000 deaths and 39, 000 were also injured.

Australian men and women in other wars also laid down their lives to protect our country, our freedom and our way of life.

However, it now seems that these sacrifices were made in vain, because in Queensland with the present government we live in a dictatorship, where one person Anna Bligh, believes she can dictate to us that we shall be medicated through our water supply with fluoride chemicals and we shall have water that has been sourced from sewerage whether we like it or not.

Like fluoride, we have been fed millions of dollars of radio and Television advertising propaganda, with yet another propaganda campaign starting tonight.

We have been told that fluoride, a chemical waste product of Belgium and Japanese fertilizer industries is "natural" and that Queenslanders have the worse teeth in Australia, which is also untrue. Premier Bligh knows this, but still makes false claims.

We were also told that no Hospital or Industrial waste goes into sewerage, the future source of our water, yet now the government has been forced to admit that 12% of sewerage that will be sourced for human consumption is comprised of industrial waste.

The Health Department has been caught out changing tooth decay statistics, Premier Bligh has been made aware of this but apparently doesn't care.

However, as Premier Bligh was told by an angry gentleman at the Logan Q2 Forum in Oct, politicians who lie, get found out, then they get thrown out.

There is only so much arrogance the public will put up with. Roll on the State election!

Merilyn Haines - on behalf of all Queenslanders who want safe water.
Mob 0418 777 112
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What you can do: attend public meeting
Date: Saturday, 15th Nov, 2pm–5pm,at Ahimsa House, 26 Horan St, West End, Brisbane

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How times change. In the fifties and sixties, it was considered a litmus test of progessive left wing and liberal thinking to be in favour of the flouridation of water supplies. Only reactionary philistine conservatives could oppose such a thing. My parents were the odd men out, so to speak. Their thought was, why not allow us to drink pure water, and those who believed that flouridation was so demonstrably wonderful, the kind of people who later told us that tholidamide and nuclear power was safe, could simply put flouride tablets in THEIR drinking water instead of forcing it down everyone else's throats.

Now I am amazed and delighted to see that some people on the left are beginning to question such state mandated things as flouridation of water supplies, flu vaccinations, and dispensation of ritalin to children to children for the crime of acting like children (why not prescribe amphetamines to school teachers to make them keep up to their pupils?). Focus on ensuring clean water by suppressing population growth. That is my solution.


(The following comment has been adapted from an e-mail I received yesterday. - JS)

I was listening to ABC radio yesterday and they announced on the Madonna
King programme that Fluoride was being released into Brisbane water supply
from 1st December and will complete the full implementation on 31st December.

Having recently moved to Australia from the UK I am horrified to learn that
we are about to be mass medicated with Sodium Fluoride. I have written to
my local MP to find out more, but was hoping that I could join an action group to bring a stop to this senseless practice.

I mentioned in my letter a recent study published in the British Medical
Journal and the latest warning from the American Dental Association not to
prepare infant food with fluoridated water. There are so many published
scientific papers warning of the dangers and proven data that tooth decay
rates are no different in countries that do not fluoridate water. Why are
they choosing to ignore the health concerns of Australian people?