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Plug the Pipe Meets Save the Yarra at Yea, 26 October


I am in tears every time I have had to drive to Melb and back. I become so hostile towards the fools that think that a pipe of 87 ugly miles, devastating the beautiful run along that area, is going to solve Melb water crisis. My God Melb has many huge reservoirs and TANKS on businesses and homes ARE they only answer. Melb gets more rainfall than the country rivers!
I now go out of my way through Flowerdale or the Black Spur so I don't cry and get so upset. The water from the snow is one way of the rivers getting water but the country has had really poor snow seasons, so man-made snow was even used. How can stupid Brumby, Bracks and the others, possibly think that it was plenty of water - from where? I am so depressed about this matter that my life is in their hands. I made the green change but there is nothing in the country to enjoy. The city-slickers with their high rise buildings have spoilt it all. Now farmers aren't even allowed to cut up fallen trees on their own property. The paperwork, the wages. People are going to die because of all of this. It must be stopped and not after the horse has bolted (Bracks) & (Kennett) (Hawke) - before. Have men no vision. It is so short-sighted. I saw it in the 70's when this matter started and men did NOTHING.