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Crunch time for Sydney: Rees

The report, 'Sydney bursting at the Seams' in today's Herald says it all.

"Population growth in such areas will be a big test for the city's future infrastructure needs. A soaring immigration rate means Sydney will need to squeeze in a third more houses and flats by 2031 than was estimated only three years ago. The city's flagging infrastructure is already struggling to cope with population pressures. But falling tax revenue had left the Government little choice but to slash spending, Mr Rees said."

"On the same day that it emerged Sydney will need almost 900,000 extra homes by 2031 - a third more than estimated three years ago - Mr Rees told a news conference: "Governments can boast about capital works programs extending out five, 10, 15 years. But essentially what you're boasting about is the level of debt you have."

So there you have it people, the choice is yours (or rather, the NSW government's, since you most surely WON'T be asked..)
. crumbling infrastructure and declining quality of life and/or
. higher taxes and charges and/or
. increased state debt.
And why?

To support a record immigration program that's based on the flimsiest of excuses since GWB attacked Iraq. The so-called 'skills crisis'.

How the shamelessly selfish and myopic lobbying of the housing and assorted other 'industry' bodies for bigger markets and cheaper labour destroyed a city.

Nathan Rees should now publicly ask Federal Labor to cut immigration to 30 - 35,000 per annum immediately and to provide incentives for decentralisation as a priority.


Rod Simpson, a Sydney architect commenting on our burgeoning population growth, states that "we are structurally dependent on immigration because of the ageing population." There would not be a conflict of interest if developers declared Australian cities "full"?

Australia is already over-populated, and the stress on our ecosystem is already showing by the threats to the Great Barrier Reef and Murray Darling food bowl. Failings of our ecosystem will be exacerbated with climate change overlayed on top, and our "ageing population" will in hindsight be a mere economic "bump" compared to the monumental sized catastrophe of dwindling water supplies, prolonged droughts and heat when our over-heavy population suffer from food and water shortages!

Australian citizens are being manipulated by our leaders who are masterminding our futures, and using people as pawns as if we were part of a massive board game! The liveability of the average person is deteriorating while the Economy, our Master, is "winning".