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McCain reveals he knows how "to get Osama bin Laden" - seven years too late

After the documented loss of 4,152 US servicemen and 90,000 Iraqi civillians killed in the Iraq War and a cost to the US budget, so far, of US$574 billion, Republican Presidential nominee John McCain reveals that he knows how "to get Osama bin Laden". So, why didn't Republican Senator John McCain pass on that knowledge to the Republican Bush administration earlier?

Seven years too late !!!

Senator McCain proclaims, "President Clinton had opportunities to get Osama bin Laden. President Bush had opportunities to get Osama bin Laden. I know how to do it and I'll do it." [3 September]

If he knows how to do it, if bin Laden is truly high-priority, Number-One-Wanted, then why doesn't McCain focus on pursuing bin Laden right now? McCain asserts that he has the credibility and influence to make this happen, even if he cannot give the orders.

I mean, if McCain is the patriot he claims to be, if he loves American as he professes, if he "know[s] how the world works [and] how the military works" [paraphrasing McCain], then McCain abdicates his patriotic responsibilities by not pursuing bin Laden, by not leveraging his knowledge of the world and military, by not persuading the decision-makers and enabling what's required to accomplish this seven-year-old mission.

In fact, McCain prostitutes his knowledge, experience, and self-proclaimed patriotism for millions of dollars and the expectation of millions of votes, instead of lobbying, cajoling, marshalling the information and resources to enable Bush to "get" bin Laden.

Words are cheap; they make great sound-bytes. And McCain's words are seven years too late!

Judy Bamberger,
O'Connor ACT

See also: McCain says knows how to capture bin Laden (Reuters India, 4 Sep 08)

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