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South East Queensland growth must be reconsidered to protect nature

Conservation groups throughout South East Queensland are asking the State Government to review the SEQ Regional Plan so that it reflects environmental concerns and sets sustainable levels for dwelling targets and habitat protection.

Gecko – Gold Coast and Hinterland Environment Council spokesperson, Lois Levy, says that members have concerns that the projected figure of 1.2million residents has not been updated to reflect the carrying capacity of
South East Queensland.

"The projected Gold Coast figures show that we are being asked to accommodate the second-highest growth figures in the region," said Ms Levy, "when considering the biodiversity of the area, the Gold Coast is already overpopulated."

"The targets in the SEQ Regional Plan are based on past poor planning figures conceived in the early 1990's," said Ms Levy. "They do not take into account current knowledge about the biodiversity of our region nor do they consider climate change and its ramifications.

"Further, recent mapping of fauna and flora habitat does not reflect the extent of encroachment by development into these areas and the amount of habitat needed to sustainably support flora and fauna in South East Queensland," said Ms Levy.

The Queensland Government requires all 18 local governments in SEQ to prepare Local Growth Management Strategies under the Plan to accommodate by the end of June; however, many have been deferred pending reviews of state interests.

For further information about this important issue, please contact the following at Gecko on 07 55341412 or directly:

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Sheila Davis 07 5530-6600 or 0423-305-478

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I note that Premier Beattie was reported in the Courier mail as having said : "I'm pleased that we are the growth centre of Australia and the centre of the universe. ..."

The Mary Valley residents, of course, together with the endangered lungfish, are also being made to pay the cost of this growth with the destruction of their community ostensibly in order to find the extra necessary water needed for this growth.