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Anti-greed candidate to contest Western Australian state seat of Cockburn

This e-mail was sent to me by Mary Jenkins. We will endeavour to keep you posted on further news from Mary.

Dear People who care for our community,

I have decided to contest the state seat of Cockburn at the next election as an independent candidate. I am seeking support from those who are fed up of the like minded two major parties that are in bed with big business at the expense of community needs. Where is the community voice today? In the democratic process an independent can speak for their community while party hacks follow party lines at the expense of their electorate.

Being a safe ALP seat has done nothing for Cockburn. My aim is to make Cockburn a marginal seat to improve the status of Cockburn. Fran Logan the minister for the Gas debacle has been the member for Cockburn for too long. He is not a local popular member but has blind union support. To realise to win would be a miracle! But the ALP must be shaken up.

The ALP twenty year transport plan left rail out of Cockburn completely.

The new plans for Phoenix redevelopment and North Coogee will mean around 100,000 more residents in Cockburn without a good transport system. Public infrastructure like energy and water, deep sewerage, health, education, justice and welfare services can hardly cope now. Some of us are still waiting deep sewerage or elective surgery.

Pensioners in Cockburn still wait on a decent venue. Cockburn Bowling Club has been earmarked for high rise development. High density in the Coastal plan robs community of access to their beach. Cycleway and bushland between Woodman Point and Fremantle no longer exist. The plan offers little parking for existing residents.

Many Wetlands have disappeared, turned into housing eg. The Ski Park. Bushland become industrial parks that threaten existing Wetland chain and lakes. Also future climate change.

Plans are rushed through council and endorsed by the State government at rapid speed without due social impact and environmental studies done on the existing community. Global warming and climate change are ignored by the State.

There is nothing in place in the State to address climate change or carbon trading for low income families who today face rapid increase in living costs. No one reports rising suicides or increase in violence anymore!

I have been working on my profile for many years in the local Herald.

I seek donations that will be repaid if I get more than 4% on polling day.

I intend to put out a Blog on the Web of my published letters and past “Thinking Allowed” in the Herald. I do not intend to waste money on the WEST or Gazette who only promote the major parties. No one can match the Government’s latest press propaganda exercise - just look in this weeks Gazette and West its unethical, pages of ministers spending sprees!

I have been a member of Sustainable Population Australia (SPA) for a few years. I will include SPA information on my website Blog. I will also promote OZSP to inform folk . I have also been endorsed by Conflict resolution principles in the past. I welcome help in this battle against greed.

Yours truly, Mary Jenkins 08 94182117

P.S. I am working on a Blog any help will be appreciated.

I have set up an Email address for the campaign. It is antigreed [AT] eftel com au

For further information: 08 94182117, antigreed [AT] eftel com au


This method of stimulating the economy has negative feedbacks.

It will eventually feed back into house prices raising them above price the lower third of our working people can pay. The people with high incomes will be able to negatively gear their interest on these higher priced houses thus enabling them to take capital gains (or an income stream in retirement) at the ordinary tax payer's exprense.

Stimulating the economy in these depressed times is required.

It should be done by increasing the stock of social housing; by insuring that all working people have access to loans to buy modest houses; and by ensuring that we have governments (both Federal, State, and Local) prepared to do their job - and govern for the people.