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Rough calculations re vaccine uptake in Australia

Just working from the population pyramid - the 70+ category comprises about 2.7 million people who have been eligible for some weeks for vaccine. More recently the 50-70 y/o became eligible numbering about 5 million. Only today (tomorrow) did the group 40- 49 become eligible, so there has been no time for them together vaccinated. Of the 50 plus numbering about 7,7 million , 3,690,722 (Our world in data) have been vaccinated either one or both doses. There could be a few special cases in there outside the age group -health problems or due to occupation.

So according to my calculations , approximately 51% of those eligible (apart from those who only became eligible today) have had at least one dose. As The minister for health is trying to explain to the ABC woman right now it is 3 months between "jabs" .

These figures are pretty rough but give picture of the situation and I don't think it is one of complacency especially given the ambivalence engendered by adverse publicity re AZ. I'm sure if the message had been "This is safe" then I bet it would be near 100% uptake.