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First they came for Julian

Previously published as First they came for Julian (2/11/20) | RT, Renegade Inc.

Attacks on human rights and freedom of speech are at the center of the Julian Assange extradition case, so why has the press coverage been so minimal?

The case may split opinion, but punishing Assange and others for bringing to public attention serious violations by our governments is averting our attention away from the bigger picture.

In the embedded video, below, journalist Richard Medhurst joins host Ross Ashcroft to discuss.


I posted the following to Twitter:

The US & the UK are only upholding the 'law' of 'might is right' - They are not even bothering to make any pretence that they are upholding UK, US or International law. The UK's Judge Vanessa Baraitser & her US controllers belong behind bars.