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Urgent GoFundMe Save Mornington-Peninsula Koalas at Reg's Wedge - development treat

If you want to save this area of the Mornington Peninsula from over development and save the koala bears who live there, would you chip in a bit to help the Save Reg's Wedge group to fight this. The place in question is the Sir Reginald Ansett Estate Green Wedge in Mt Eliza.

URGENT - Save Reg's Wedge

Act now to stop the multi-tower, multi-story Ryman Development at 60-70 Kunyung Rd, Mount Eliza on Green Wedge Land in Koala habitat!

The Save Reg's Wedge Community Group are raising funds to enlist legal representation to the upcoming VCAT Hearings in November 2020 and March 2021 (Reference: P1362/2020) but they need your help!

Mornington Peninsula Shire Council unanimously rejected Ryman’s massive development, along with the majority of the concerned community, but Ryman seem to be ignoring our community’s wishes and instead attempting to push their project through.

This development will cause environmental destruction, dangerous traffic chaos, and set a precedent for development across the Mornington Peninsula and Victoria.

Legal representation that has the expertise to fight poor planning development proposals is expensive and beyond the reach of us individually, but collectively we can work together to help save the habitat from this gross over-development on the Urban Growth Boundary, in proven Koala habitat! Will you help us?
Go fund me campaign.