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Liveblog updates on Assange extradition trial - at wikileaks site

Daily, lively and dedicated coverage at from what is closest to the horse's mouth, from There is plenty to read about, including a defense whereby Julian Assange is located on the autism spectrum and strong precedents where England refused US request for extradition in very similar cases, which took into consideration the harshness of US prison conditions and the likelihood of suicide.

In the cases of Lauri Love and Gary McKinnon, the U.S. government was blocked from extraditing them because the United Kingdom High Court of Justice (Love) and the British Home Secretary (McKinnon) recognized their Asperger’s syndrome would result in degrading or inhuman treatment that violated human rights. Source:

The video below is of an international peoples' forum on Assange's predicament, dated 21 September 2020.

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13 presidents past & present urge UK government to halt Julian Assange’s extradition proceedings and grant his immediate freedom (28/9/2020) - The Duran

As Julian Assange fights US extradition at the Old Bailey in London, over one hundred eminent political figures, including 13 past and present heads of state, numerous ministers, members of parliament and diplomats, have today denounced the illegality of the proceedings and appealed for Assange’s immediate release.

The politicians from 27 different countries and from across the political spectrum have joined 189 independent international lawyers, judges, legal academics and lawyers’ associations by endorsing their open letter to the UK Government warning that the US extradition request and extradition proceedings violate national and international law, breach fair trial rights and other human rights, and threaten press freedom and democracy.

Politicians endorsing the call to free Julian Assange include Jeremy Corbyn, former Prime Minister of Spain, Luis Zapatero, several members of the European Parliament, former presidents of Brazil, Lula da Silva and Dilma Roussef, and Australian parliamentarians from the cross-party parliamentary group to free Assange.

I posted the following comment in response:

Whilst I welcome Jeremy Corbyn’s name being on the list, I don’t recall where he ever once said a word about Julian Assange whilst he was leader of the Opposition Labour Party. He never once visited the Ecuadorian Embassy to help those outside who were protesting against his outrageous detention.

Had he done so, it would not have been possible for the UK government to continue its criminal complicity in the illegal detention of Julian at the Embassy.

He could have just walked in to the Embassy, taken Julian’s hand escorted him to Heathrow Airport for a flight back home to Australia. What UK policeman would have dared interfere?