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Terrible news for Seaford environment (Vic, Australia) as Gov lets open slather

Frankston Councillor Glenn Aitken was notified on Thursday 12 March that the LXRP 'works' east of the railway line at Seaford will proceed without further consultation. "It is likely they will remove more vegetation immediately.They will flatten pretty much everything on the eastern side of the railway line from Eel Race Rd to Coolibar Ave. There is no right of appeal as it is on their land which...they conveniently forget... is still public land, owned by the State." This is the clear message that authorities need to hear and heed,as expressed by Cr Glenn, "Our natural environment is not negotiable and must be protected."

You can watch more of Cr Glenn's inspirational Proclamation of 24 February here:

Unfortunately the 'authorities' are not listening to the community, but to the population boosters and developers in and close to government.
Please let your protests be heard and voice your opposition to the wilful environmental destruction without delay to Sonya Kilkenny MP for Carrum :
- telephone her office at (03) 9773 2727
- post on her Facebook page : and alert others
- post on other social media platforms
- alert your friends and contacts

Whether or not the vegetation is on railway controlled land is irrelevant.
The vegetation is still a vital connection to the coastal corridor.
Birds, native bees, animals or other inhabitants of the coastal corridor don’t look at a tree and choose not to go there because it’s under railway and State governance.

Cr Glenn is arranging a public meeting and further notice will be given when arrangements are finalised.


Cr Glenn Aitken advises with regret that a public meeting that he hoped to hold regarding loss of vegetation at Seaford will not be held for reasons of observing corona virus precautions. Cr Glenn will advise of any new developments by email as they come to hand.
Thank you all for your continuing support and concern.

More trouble in the Seaford/ Kananook Creek area LXRP have ignored the apparently agreed stop work and continued pouring concrete in the Seaford Park Arboretum site and then have constructed a steel fence right along their new bike road, effectively fencing off the creekside nature reserve from the public. What on earth were LXRP thinking?