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Clifford Hayes interviewed re Bill for Greater power for local Councils for new developments

Michael McLaren speaks with Clifford Hayes, Member of the Legislative Assembly – Sustainable Australia Party’s Southern Metropolitan region Victoria, about his private members bill which proposes significant changes to the Planning and Environment Act 1987 which will give local councils more control of local planning policy and maximum building heights in their municipal districts. Remember Clifford's important bill will be put to Parliament this Wednesday morning (13 November 2019) about 10 or so. Consider coming to show your support by sitting in the gallery for the vote.


There was a good crowd of people who came to show they supported Clifford Hayes' bill. David Davis made a good speech and was applauded by the crowd of supporters.

There were other speeches and finally the vote. Spectators were furious. Clifford's bill was lost because 4 crossbenchers voted against it. "They don’t know what democracy means - the voice of the people - well the voice of the people was loud and clear today. And this bill was great for the people- it gave us back a voice in planning issues, " said Mary Drost of Planning Backlash.

The Crossbenchers were Jeff Bourman, Shooters party, Fiona Patten , Reason Party, Tania Maxwell, Derryn Hinch Party, Stuart Grimley, Derryn Hinch Party.

They were not representing the people - please remember that at the next election.

There are 12 Crossbenchers so 8 voted for the bill and 4 against but that was enough to lose the vote.

So the battle to protect Melbourne goes on. Developers must be celebrating tonight.