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The Kurds and Syria - What now? (Interdit d'Interdire) [French language])

"Interdit d'interdire - Les Kurdes et la Syrie : et maintenant ?" provides here a stimulating and intellectually nuanced debate about the situation in Syria. Two of the participants are journalists from the Figaro and Le Monde, which tend to be seen respectively as right-wing and left-wing, but this does not prevent commonality on Syria, and criticism of mainstream reporting and policy. Note, this is a French language video.

Frédéric Taddeï hosts a discussion among:
- Renaud Girard, journalist with Le Figaro, with background in war correspondence in the Middle East,, who tends to argue against Manichaeism.
- Myriam Benraad, political scientist specialising in Arab politics.
- Régis Le Sommier, journalist with Le Monde and author of Assad, éditions De La Martinière, 2018, based on actual interviews with Bashar al-Assad.
- Taline Ter Minassian, historian specialising in history of international relations of the Soviet Union and Southern Caucasia.


The first half of Kurdish contras, the 2 February episode of the Iranian PressTV news service's Mideastream features Maram Susli, otherwise known as "The Syrian Girl" from Perth.

Whilst the struggle by the supposedly 'communist' YPG for Kurdish autonomy from Syria has become a fashionable cause for some in the West, including Australians for Kurdistan, Maram points out that the YPG (also referred to as the "Syrian Democratic Forces" or SDF) take orders from US forces illegally inside Syria. The SDF have effectively besieged two Syrian Arab cities. They are attempting to ethnically cleanse Kurdistan of its Arab population in order to secede from Syria. Such a secession would almost certainly cause Syria to become balkanised into a number of small statelets for each of Syria's ethnic groups. This, in many ways, would be similar to how Yugoslavia was disastrously broken up from 1991 until 1999.