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Are your teeth killing you?

Root canals in your mouth are dead teeth. No surgeon would leave a dead organ in your body so why do dentists leave dead teeth in your mouth? When a tooth is absessed, the nerve is drilled out and is filled with gutta percha. However in time the material shrinks creating a breeding ground for anerobic bacteria. This bacteria then escapes through the 2 miles of tubules in the teeth to the lymph system where it compromises the immune system and the heart. Better to extract a dead tooth than have it root canaled.

They almost killed me – twice. The first time I got cancer 30 years ago I met a woman who also had cervical cancer but removed all her amalgam fillings and her pap smear went from Level 5 to Level 1. I did the same thing except I added wild blue green algae to boost my immune system and chelate heavy metals from my body along with epsoms salts baths (2lbs in a hot bath for 20 mins, once a week). In 9 months after the last amalgam filling was removed a pap smear revealed that I was clear of cervical cancer.

Last year I was diagnosed with malignant melanoma which didn’t make sense being on an organic raw vegan diet, not spending a lot of time in the sun and avoideding microwave technology. Then I saw a video by Dr Thomas Levy on youtube re root canals impacting the immune system and the heart. It made sense to me so I had my five remaining root canal teeth extracted (none of them were giving me any pain).

My holistic dentist did not agree with my decision but helped anyway. In fact I couldn’t find a single dentist who admitted that root canals are toxic. How would you know unless you regularly did a swab to be sent off to a U.S. lab (@ $350 per tooth) or extracted it? You wouldn’t.

A friend of mine in the U.S. said his dentist, a holistic dentist specialised in the best treatment for the mouth, used biocalex instead of gutta percha and he has had no problem with it for 25 years. Apparently it is also used in Europe with good results, but not here in Australia for some reason.

You can imagine that having 5 teeth out is a pretty serious restructuring of your mouth but it was either that or die because my teeth were killing me. I had a tight feeling in my chest and poor digestion. Already I had been taking over 20 different supplements which kept me alive but I needed to get to the root cause (pardon the pun).

When my dentist showed me the last extracted root canal tooth it was black with granulations and perforations (proving that bacteria was escaping). Not a pretty sight.

From that point it was inevitable that I would have a denture as I would not have been able to chew or speak well without my front teeth. Implants are outrageously expensive and can also be problematic for some people. It was a huge decision but I'm glad that I finally had the courage to make it.

Since then I have been feeling completely normal and no more skin cancers have been found.

I encourage anyone with root canals to have them extracted and to look up Dr Thomas Levy.

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