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Sale of Titles Office submission time extended

Send your submisision to
Environment and Planning Committee’s Inquiry into the proposed long term lease of the land titles and registry functions of Land Use Victoria.
The Committee has resolved to extend the closing date for submission to Friday 6 July 2018.

This is a notice about a very important attempt to privatise a fundamental public institution and resource. Inside we have published a press release from the Environment and Planning Committee about the parameters of the inquiry, plus the extension of submissions dates.


Environment and Planning Committee

Extension of time for submissions to land titles inquiry
The Environment and Planning Committee is conducting an inquiry into the proposed long term lease of the land titles and registry functions of Land Use Victoria.

The Committee has agreed to a two week extension of time for public submissions to the inquiry. Submissions can be made until Friday 6 July.

Terms of Reference

Under the inquiry's terms of reference, the Committee is considering:

- implications for the ongoing integrity of the land use system in Victoria

- risks to privacy and security of sensitive data held by Land Use Victoria

- likely consequences for the cost and service levels of the titles and registry functions being commercialised

- implications for the people employed at the Land Titles Office undertaking the work the government seeks to privatise

- proposed financial arrangements of the sale and cost and benefit of those arrangements to Victoria in the long term

- other Australian and international experiences of privatising similar services.

For more information on the inquiry, including on how to make a submission, visit the Committee’s
Issued: 22 June


Private operators will want to minimise costs, thus the push to 'automate' as many transactions as possible - look forward to sitting on the phone for hours waiting for a human, not to mention the problems with fraud, stealing of online information etc, as already is happening:

This whole thing should be seen as a massive risk - where is the data to be stored? Off shore? What is stop someone hacking into the system and removing your title rights electronically? What could you do about it? What Minister could you write to - he would just refer you to the private provider. This is an extremely dangerous and stupid idea.